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Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in High Quality without Downloading

There are websites available online which can help you watch movies and TV shows for free. You don’t need to pay anything for it and that’s the best part. Here are the sites to watch free movies online in high quality without downloading.

All of the websites I am going to mention over here will be offering high-quality content without any price. Surely there will be a lot of advertisements served inside because that’s the only way they can earn money and keep up with the money they invest to bring the services to us.

The sites I will be adding here are tested by me. I have been using half of them to watch movies without paying any money. So, you can rely on this guide. I am not going to mention any single option which is not worth of the chance you are going to give it.

Another best part is that none of these sites will force you to download any particular media content file in order to watch it. You surely don’t want to leave any trace that you were watching a particular movie. So, watch it online and delete complete history from the computer. Because of the online streaming feature, you don’t even need to wait till the content is 100% loaded.

Sites to Watch Free Movies Online in High Quality without Downloading

So, here I start with the list. Before you make any selection, I want you to know that I will be waiting for your opinions and thoughts in the discussion section. They will not only help me to know your needs better, but it will also help other visitors to this guide in future.

#1 YouTube Moviesyoutube_movies

No other website can be better than YouTube and if you can watch movies on it for free then why going to any other alternative. Just visit the movies section and select the one from those which are available. The only thing which isn’t good is the limited collection. The number of movies available is very few, but at least you don’t need to open a website which hurts the user experience first and then let you watch the content. Let me know what your thoughts is at this point.

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#2 Crackle


With over 300 movie categories to find and watch, Crackle holds the best collection of movie content. You can spend a year just watching them over this website and as usual you don’t need to pay for anything. Although an account needs to be created for running up the services for you. It also holds to a user base system letting you find a content which is most popular or most loved, etc.

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#3 IGLO MoviesIGLO_Movies

It can let you find movies as per the year. Select the year and the best movies of that time will be enlisted in front of you. Usually, it is hard to find any single movie which isn’t available in their store which makes it further better. The quality offered at online streaming is pretty good and near to HD and it even doesn’t require any software to be installed.

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#4 Hulu

You must have heard this name in this special industry over the internet. It offers both paid and free content to be watched. As soon as you can satisfy your needs with the free ones, you don’t need to pay for anything. There are very few advertisements served and the user experience offered is pretty good.

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#5 myLifeTime

This is the biggest website you can find over the internet which holds to 30-40 new movies every day for free. It also holds a lot of interesting games, videos, TV shows and other content like documentaries, etc. It also holds a search tool which is effective enough to help you find any content which is inside its database.

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#6 TubePlus

If you can ignore few advertisements before watching every single content, then this is going to be the top most in your favorites. It holds to almost every TV show or movie or any other media content you like watching for entertaining. Another best thing it holds is that it offers a bunch of servers to select and watch your movie. So, if one server is down then you can easily switch to next one and continue watching your episode.

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#7 Wolowtube.co

If you go around to find a movie which isn’t available in HD standard. This helps in getting addicted to the platform and you can find thousands of users. Simply find the movie and click to start it watching. There is no need to create any account or register.

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#8 MoviesPlanet

If this website offers its services in your country then you are going to love the way it works. Country based limitation is the only thing you will never like about this site but only if your country doesn’t like. It holds the content in a very proper way which means genre/category based search tool.

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#9 Viewster

This one serves very few advertisements and that should be the reason for loving it. Yes, it holds a good number of movies and TV shows and I am pretty sure you will have an experience using this site.

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#10 PopcornFlix

PopcornFlix is the last one I will recommend to you. I am pretty sure you will like it. The UI is amazing in look, simple to understand and the content is pretty mature.

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