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4 Ways To Access Blocked Content

While you might have heard a lot about using VPN services to access restricted web content at your location (and it is indeed a very legitimate way to do so) but certainly it is not the only way to reach a blocked website in a specific location. This is quite true because the 4 alternate ways to access blocked content which I am about to tell you will leave you wondering in your mind about tech’s diversity of tricks. Total freedom in this world is almost nowhere (not even in the so-called free West) and usually, we saw government authorities blocking certain websites in some countries due to their own personal agendas. In return, common daily users of the web and specifically for those websites has to suffer for their ignorance. Anyways, these 4 alternate ways to access blocked content on the web in your location will prove highly commendable in bypassing local restrictions. So, let’s get on to know about them.

4 Alternate Ways To Access Blocked Content

Using A Free VPN Site

For sure, this way is will and always comes on top of the list whenever accessing restricted website’s is an issue. So you might be wondering why VPN always takes the lead? Well, in simple words, VPN is a legitimate networking technique that bypasses normal restrictions applied by your ISP upon the network to avoid access to the certain amount of websites on the web. In general and in most countries, the ban or restrictions are usually put up on porn sites, gambling sites, media websites, or social networking websites. In a rear case, countries that are at war with each other might even block full-fledged web-based content from either side until matters resolved. So, users head to VPN services in order to bypass those restrictions. While there are paid VPN services, there are also totally free VPN sites as well available on the web which you can use to access blocked websites in your place.

Accessing Through The “Cached” Website Feature


Accessing “Cached” Feature In Google Search – Source: Poketors

Now here really begins the wonderful trick among the 4 alternate ways to access blocked content on the web, if you really want to access the content only of the website. This method will give you total freedom to enjoy the content of whatever website that has been blocked in your location by the authorities. The trick is very simple: Whenever you make a search in Google of any particular website, notice that right under the websites name, where the website’s link is showing in green color, there is a drop-down pointing arrow at the end. You need to click on this downwards pointing arrow and select the option of “Cached”. This will enable you to view all the contents of the website. However, you can’t be able to enjoy any Flash-based contents such as videos or other multimedia files but you can be able to enjoy text and images pretty well.

Using Website’s IP To Gain Access

Usually, it happens that a particular website link is blocked rather than the IP address of the site. In this case, you can use this trick from the 4 alternate ways to access blocked content on the web. The thing is that that you will use the IP address instead of the website main link to access it on your browser. To locate the IP address of a website, open the elevated command prompt in Windows by pressing Win key + R and type CMD in it hit enter. When the command prompt is open, type the following command in it:

Nslookup (domain name of the website with full www. and .com in the end)

You will then see the IP address of the site and copy paste it in your browser, hit enter, and see if your website open.

Use A Translator

The last way among the 4 alternate ways to access blocked content on the web is indeed a unique one. The method is to that you will enter the URL of the blocked site in the translator and convert it into the language which you can easily understand. In the converted text box, the translator will provide you converted link which you can click and safely access the website. Although, most people use Google translator so if you don’t have any preferences in this niches, you can use Google Translator as we.

Here end my 4 alternate ways to access blocked content on the web. However, before going, I would like to clearly express that if a website is blocked in your location by legal authorities, there must have been some serious reasons for it. So, carefully attempt to view the blocked content or you can come under the scrutiny of legal authorities for disobeying the regulation. Additionally, I do not guarantee that any of the above-mentioned ways will work 100%, but since many daily users have attempted and got successfully through the others side, I believe you all or some of you might also not be an exception to this rule. Let us know in the comments if these tricks have helped you in real.

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