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Top 8 Ways to Increase PC/Laptop Speed

The users of desktops or laptops occasionally experience “slowdown” of their device along with unnecessary extra time to get things started with competitive hardware configuration even, or experiences a hanged system. It could have been the result of outdated OS of your device as contemporary devices usually updated to face these challenges effortlessly. What you should do to avoid above mentioned issues to work on your device to make it quicker? In this write up we suggest top 8 ways to increase PC/Laptop speed. It will be a great help for you to enjoy a faster device. However, it’s largely depended on your systems configuration as well, you can’t expect a duel core device to work like a core i3 system. But the fact is straight that our tips certainly will help you to get its configured speed fully for sure. So let’s take a look at what tips we had on our disposal.

Top 8 Ways To Increase PC/Laptop Speed

1. Delete Unwanted Programs/Files

Your device speed is always associated with its internal storage capacity and on RAMs memory capacity. If your device has enough storage capacity than its fine as speed issue shouldn’t be there at least due to storage related problems. However, in many cases it’s usually the core issue for getting your device to work on a slower speed or even get hanged.

The most obvious reason for this sort of slow performance of your device is its backend activity; the backend running programs used to occupy lots of storage space of your HDD and RAM as well, which consequently affects their working and your system starts to show a under capacity performance. Slow speed of your system is one of the great indicators of the issue.

Check through the “Task Manager” of Windows to see the backend processes running on your device is a good idea here to know what the hidden power-eaters are. If you found some programs running unnecessarily, than close them down immediately to normalize your system with lessening the extra burden on the HDD storage and RAM. Same method you can apply for useless files and other data that unnecessarily pre-occupies the place in CPU and RAM and potentially causes a slow performance issue in your system.

2. Disk Defragmentation

The 2nd tip from our top 8 ways to increase PC/Laptop speed is to use defragmentation of your hard disk. It will help eradicate all useless files from the disk as well as help to recover needlessly preoccupied space with eradicating all unnecessary stuff.

How to perform a defragmentation operation? Well, to do so you need to Open My Computer, right tap on any drive > Properties > Tools, here you can select ‘Defragmentation Now’.

Your device starts defragmentation process now. Be patient as it will need some minute’s time to complete this cleanup operation.

3. Install An Anti virus

Antivirus is pivotal for maintaining the system to work normally. It saves your device from sorts of troubles including virus and unwanted file issues. Particularly, when we download things especially from unknown sources, there is every possibility that downloaded stuff might corrupt your files or system even which in case results in slow down performance of your device.

However, use only one anti-virus at a time to install on your device as multiple anti-viruses can cause disturbance in your system operation due to their mismatched configuration.

4. Error-Checking

It’s another worthy tip from our top 8 Ways to increase PC/Laptop speed; it’s also used to fix the bad sectors in different drives. This is a best option to clean hard drive since by using this process you will help your PC or a laptop to run normally again. The feature will be able to reoccupy the memory space and eradicate all unwanted errors from device storage.

5. Disk Clean-Up and Removing All Temporary Files

This tool works just like defragmentation system do its job. It meant to get rid of all the needless concealed unused temporary files, and it eradicates the data from ‘Recycle Bin’ as well. To do the operation click Start > My Computer, here right click to any home file > General > Disk cleanup, here you select all unnecessary and useless files and similarly you can clean all your drives as well.
Remove Temporary File: To remove them you need to click Start, then type “temp” in run box, click enter to eradicate all unwanted files, your all unwanted temporary files going to be deleted.

6. Enhance Ram Capacity

It’s the 6th of our top 8 ways to increase PC/Laptop speed; RAM plays a key role in getting optimum performance from your device, with boosting RAM capacity you will ensure a better device performance. Enhancing the capability of RAM on your system will not only boost the overall functionality but you will also notice a great distinction of improvement in many graphical programs of your system. However, if you don’t the technical aspects of how to upgrade and add a new RAM on your PC/Laptop, please consult with concerned technical companies or professional technicians of computers and laptops.

7. Stop Unwanted Programs

Following a start to your computer you have observed that several software’s start running right away; consequently, their interface start consuming the memory resulting in slow starting process and later sluggish performance of your device. How to eradicate this issue? Follow the steps below:

Tap the Start Button > Search for Run > Type “Misconfg”

Configuration window will be appears; here you click on “Startup “button

Uncheck the unwanted software apps that affects the system performance and of no use during the startup process. This way you can acquire a good start up time of your device.

8. PC Cleaner and Registry Error

It’s the last from our top 8 ways to increase PC/Laptop speed; with the passage of time our systems gets older, and possibly operates with some registry’s damaged files. It’s essential to fix them all with using some external tool.

To achieve this purpose you need to buy any good registry cleaner available in the market. As to my knowledge there isn’t any quality registry cleaner available for cost free use. The online free tools only help to indicate the error, removing them is a different ball game; only a good quality registry cleaner can do the cleaning for you. This way you will enhance the performance of your device at its best.


Oh yes! This should have been included above but surely we forget to. Most of us ignore the importance of updating our device whereas it is one of the key reasons to maintain a good system performance too. You need to update your device as per demand. Use contemporary and famous versions of drivers, software’s and Apps. This is the best way save your device from lots of performance issues along with to get most from it as well.

So, I believe that this top 8 ways to increase PC/Laptop speed must have been very knowledgeable and helpful to you in practical. Please do let us know your feedback about which tips you find most helpful in all of them.

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