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Top 4 Ways To Stop Pop-Ups On Your Android

Pop-ups can be the most annoying thing that can happen while you are surfing the web or simply playing an application which you have downloaded. It simply cuts out all the fun and enjoyment factor from our activity because pop-ups or ads blocks up your entire screen. It even has some potential dangerous consequences for your device since many pop-ups/ads or known to be malicious if clicked unknowingly or accidentally by a user. Another very irksome feature about pop-ups/ads is that if you even closed them, some of them are programed in such a way that they will keep on running in the background and may cost you a good data fee. So, today I am going to tell you the top 4 ways by which you can easily stop pop-ups on your Android. Let’s begin.


Stopping Adware, pop-ups, malware, spyware, and viruses on your Android

Top 4 ways to stop pop-ups on your Android

Scanning the device for malware/virus

Many types of known and unknown malwares are caused by simply clicking on maliciously scripted ad or a pop-up. This effect can be very irritating for you because it might continuously show certain webpages automatically on your device or can even try installing toolbars/software on your Android. In case your smartphone has been infected recently with a malware, adware, spyware, virus, or anything of the sort, the best thing you can do is to scan your device the whole.

You can find several anti-virus/anti-malware programs on Google Play that are both free and in paid subscriptions. Either way, there are websites too on the web that can scan your device via online tools they possess just in case you are not willing to install a software as of now. Make sure you scan your device for possible infections before proceeding to other steps.

Blocking pop-ups from your Android browser

In this method to stop pop-ups on your Android, all you have to do is to go into your default browser (your Android default browser) in your smartphone and block the pop-ups from there without having to use any third party solutions for stopping them to infect your device. Here are the ways to do it successfully:

  • Open your default Android browser and look for the vertical dots on the right side of your browser’s address bar.
  • Tap on those dots and a drop down menu will open from where you will select “Settings” option.
  • Now scroll down until you finally saw the “Advanced” option section.
  • Once in the advanced menu, select “Content settings”.
  • Now you will see several options in content settings and one amongst them would be “Block pop-ups”. Check the box on the right of block pop-ups.
  • Now, your Android’s default browser will block every pop-up it encounters on malicious sites or links.

Installing an Ad Blocking plugin

In today’s era, internet has the solution for everything a men can demand. So, there are apps and plugins that works for blocking ads and pop-ups as well on your browser. If you don’t want to go for the above methods to stop pop-ups on your Android you may simply would like to install an ad blocking plugin on your browser such as Ad Blocker. Although, there are many plugins out there but see for yourself which one’s would best suit to your needs and then go for it.

Locate the apps inside your smartphone that gives you pop-ups

After all of these methods being done to stop pop-ups on your Android, the final step you should proceed to finish this irksome friend is to locate those apps in your phone that gives you pop-ups and uninstall them.

If you have started to receive sudden and continues pop-ups recently when you installed an app, chances are that the app is the real culprit behind it and it’s simply a malicious marketing tool. It is better that you uninstall the app and I hope that as soon as you uninstall it your pop-ups will end with it too.

So, with these top 4 ways to stop pop-ups on your Android you can be sure of simply enjoying your phone’s capabilities at the maximum while yet at the same time saving it from harmful viruses/malwares on the web as well. Let me know if these tips has worked for you?

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