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Top 9 Websites To Learn Anything Free

Humans need growth and for personal growth new techniques and updating your skills is a key. Almost from the top to the bottom, everyone has to produce new ideas and it needs a comprehensive upgradation of your knowledge and skills to enlighten your thoughts further, which surely requires a handy money as well. But thanks to some courageous people you may update or learn new skills free of cost. In the lines below I have compiled a list of the top 9 websites to learn anything freely from where you can learn anything you want and upgrade your expertise free of cost. This is amazing, isn’t it? So, here are the “Top 9 Websites To Learn Anything Freely” without paying a penny.


Udemy is a worldwide e-learning site for experts as well as beginners equally. Over here you will find some courses free of cost while for some you have to pay the fees, subjected to the course’s scope. They offer free of cost courses covering Facebook marketing to Java tutorials for novice along with offering studies of HTML5 programming.

The best about their paid courses is that they continuously offer discounted rates for every batch. Most hungry-to-learn folks could wait for their discounted offers to emerge and then pick up on whatever type of study they want to do for a far less price.


Want to learn any foreign language? This is the best place to do so. They offer interactive based courses, this group oriented language learning faculty facilitates you to learn through speaking with natives of the language you are learning, one of the best way to learn any language effortlessly for sure.

They go with your own pace, also they offer courses for challenging individuals as well, like “learn Spanish or any other language of your choice in 90 days’ time”. You can access all your courses through your mobile phone too.


Undoubtedly the very best among the top 9 websites to learn anything freely, the Coursera is an amazing online learning institute where they let you access free learning to over 115 globally placed universities (as of now), with successful course complication certificates as well. You can learn Social Entrepreneurship course from Copenhagen School of Business, Cryptography course from Stanford University and lots of other courses from reputable institutes totally free of cost.


The IT industry is always looking to suck top developers, programmers and coding masters; for programing thirsty people this is the best free site. They offer an interactive based courses which ranges everywhere from coding languages like java, jQuery, Python and Ruby to many other courses.


Apart from lots of technical courses, here is a site that is ready to enhance your fiscal capabilities. Investoo introduces you to learn the trading at stock exchange/forex trading in addition to investment basics and a lot more of financial spectrums. This great learning opportunity in every financial-related discourse must have to be one of the best free learning site in the top 9 websites to learn anything freely.


Udacity, they offer some top courses similar to offered by Udemy, Codecademy and Lynda. Apart from programing courses, and a variety of others, they also offer the very latest in iOS, Android, front-end web development along with full-stack development as well. Facebook, Google, Cloudera, AT&T and Mongo DB constructed are some of the course creators for this amazing free learning site.


Another site of class from my list of top 9 websites to learn anything freely, Future Lane is a subsidiary of Open University where they mostly offer cultural courses developed by universities and cultural organizations. The topic list include courses such as Soil, Cyber security and culture digital age etc.

The Writing University

If you have a passion for writing this is the place where you can improve your writing skills either you are a beginner or Pro. For details signup to their website to explicitly see what you can obtain by learning from them. They introduce you to the basic writing concepts and to storytelling through videos.


For all those who love DIY concepts this is the best website to learn from. Here you can find innovative projects, astounding inventions and everything within the scope of DIY. A website you should have to visit once at least.

So, has these “Top 9 Websites To Learn Anything Freely” been beneficial to you? We believe it must have, so let me know your opinion in the comments?

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