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What Should Know About Your IMEI Number

The International Mobile station Equipment Identity number. Well, this is just a full form of the abbreviated term we all are aware of i.e., the IMEI number. As you can see, this is a special number fixed with every mobile phone or every other gadget which is capable of establishing a cellular connection, either a phone call or an internet connection.

If you do a research on the web to learn everything you should know about your IMEI number, then chances of getting misleading information are very high. To understand this concept, once needs to understand both technical and real life aspect that is related with this unique number.


But, as you can see, I am here to help, like always and the today’s topic is going to update you with this very much required information.

Since I gave the full form in starting itself, so you are aware of the full form of IMEI number. Now, let’s continue with what IMEI number means i.e. what’s its application.

IMEI Number’s application

The day when cellular mobile phones were invented, it was set to change the whole way we used to communicate with the rest of the world. We had lined telephones before the beginning of a mobile phones era.

Now, to have a landline connection, we need to fill out a paperwork and every connection has its owner details, which is easily accessible to the government. But, how a similar feature could have been setup in case of a mobile phone?

They don’t have a fixed lines. A person can be anywhere around the world with access to the cellular services and a crime or misleading activity can be committed without getting caught. Makes sense so far?

So, to offer a security layer to the mobile phones, this IMEI number concept came out. It is a special number which is unique to every mobile phone for a country. It is attached with the cellular connection you are using, i.e., the SIM card details.

If you are making any phone call, then the cellular service provider is able to find out from where you are calling, to whom you are calling and other related details. Thus, it’s a way of offering a chance to the government or security services to catch the bad guys if the conditions require that.

This is the simple reason why IMEI numbers were invented and why they exist in the current year as well. If you have a Dual SIM phone, then it should have two different IMEI numbers. Countries like India has already faced issues with phones available for consumers without an IMEI number. It just creates chaos for governing and security authority and also for the normal people.

Can anyone or government track you with IMEI?

If you have ready everything I have added above, then you know the answer. Yes, the government or any person who has the authority and aware of technical things related, can track the exact position of your mobile phone. Since, you are keeping the mobile phone always with you, so tracking that phone means, tracking the real you.

A person with knowledge of hacking and another related term can also do the same thing. But, it rarely happens with an average person. This is the reason why a very popular person or the one that requires proper security, like security and government agencies, use mobile phones without the IMEI numbers. Just to make them untraceable by any other spy.

These days, there are special phones developed which are used by these agencies. These phones may have an IMEI number but they are hard to crack and gather these very crucial details.

How to Check Validity of IMEI number?

Again, as I cleared it above, that having a validated IMEI number is very important and its kind of legal way of using your mobile phone. If you feel any suspicious thing with the shopkeeper who sold you the device, then you should confirm the true validity of the IMEI number your phone carries.

You can do it by Luhn formula (of course it requires a good level of intelligence) or simply by various online checking tools like this one over here.

Wrap up

So, the end of the story is here and as you are a good citizen and a good person, you should be thanking the authority or agency which developed the concept of IMEI numbers. Also, we all should be using the mobile phones with a valid IMEI number only. Agree?


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