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What Song Is This From ? Best Ways to find the Song Music Name Free

Everyone has his own taste of music and I am not aware of any person on this earth who can hate music for a reason. It is the most pleasing way of soothing our soul and resting our mind. Some genres also help to start dancing and entertain us, rather than being soothing. But, again, everyone has his own taste.

Many times, we are in a situation that we remember a track, but we are not sure of which album or movie it is from. This is a real life situation which gets cranking as per the situation. So, we should be aware of a simple method that can help us know which song this is from.


In order to help you here, I am adding best ways to find the song music names for free. Yes, the guide is going to be free and I will be talking of the free tools only. Of course, there are few paid tools as well, but this issue isn’t that big for us to purchase a special tool for it.


There are requirements at both sides. First, at the tool’s end. It should be simple to use, free to use and work as fast as it can. If possible, it should also provide us links from where we can either purchase or download a particular track we searched.

Now, the second requirement is at your end. You need to have a clearly audible track or at least some information about the track you are searching for. In rare situations, it happens that we don’t know anything about the track but still remember it. In all such cases, the tool can’t work because there is no clue we are offering it.

So, this is going to be a team work. You are up for it? Alright, we should begin now.

Best Ways to Find The Song Music Name and Details

Assuming that you are here at this webpage, you are not aware of the world famous Shazam. This is the tool which is available since years and it is working all it can help users find details and name of the track they are listening.

For the Shazam to work, you need to play the track. The application will then begin listening to the track and instantly search it over the internet. It will not take any longer than 10 seconds and you will quickly get results on your screen.


Shazam will not only display name and details of the track it just listened, but it will also provide a link from where you can buy the original track. The application is available for free and it is there for almost every computing platform made public. It is even there for smartphone platforms.

What Song is this from?

Music ID is the next application you should try if you just want to know the album or movie details of the song you are searching and listening to. You can get this application installed on any Java-based smartphone including BlackBerry, iOS, Android or any other.

The application is available for free and using it is very simple. Just use its search tool or play the track near the device for the app to help identifying for you. Once done, you will get all the details on your screen.

NameMyTune, WatZatSong, and AudioTag are few more application you can try using, but I have recommended the two of the best above. Do let me know the experience you are about to have with any of these applications. Peace.

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