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Whatsapp Free For Life

Whatsapp is currently the most used application as a mobile messenger. Since its inception in 2009, this app still continues to receive millions of downloads per month. Almost every person who has an android phone or a smartphone use Whatsapp to communicate with his or her friends, family, and colleagues. This alone provides a firm foundation of the reason for making Whatsapp free for lifetime usage, but let us tell you some more of the features because of which you certainly want to make Whatsapp free for lifetime.

The biggest benefit that the users of Whatsapp have is of sending free-of-cost sms to every mobile number on their phone, unlike sending by using your SIM where a certain fee is charged to send a sms. Not only that you can send a free message but there is a wide variety of customization too that you can do in your message such as sending emoticons, audio, video, and or several other types of files with your message and it is all free. The only thing that you require to pay to run Whatsapp is a Wi-Fi internet connection which Whatsapp uses to work.

However, you can download and install Whatsapp for free but that free subscription will end exactly after a year from the time you have started to use the app. That’s where the option for making Whatsapp free for lifetime comes handy. Although, the fee that the company charge for premium Whatsapp service is only $0.99 for one year, which seems nothing at all, if you plan to buy your subscription of Whatsapp then this is the most better and valid way to enjoy your Whatsapp experience and in this case you may treat this article only for increasing your knowledge about the app.

However, if you do not wish to pay even a tiny $0.99 sum then keep on reading as we will tell you some of the steps by which you can make Whatsapp free for lifetime. Let us now then read the steps by using which we may be able to make Whatsapp free for lifetime.

Making Whatsapp free for lifetime

  1. First, remove your current Whatsapp account and also uninstall the app on android or delete it on a smartphone whatever you have.
  2. An iOS device (iPhone) is recommended for this process to execute correctly. If you have one with you now then continue to read otherwise borrow an iPhone from a friend first and then come back to read the next steps.
  3. Download and install Whatsapp from iTunes store in the iPhone you have borrowed/got.
  4. Activate your Whatsapp by verifying your mobile number.
  5. Now use that activated number on your mobile phone and check your service time which should have been extended to lifetime by now.

So, that’s it! This is how you get Whatsapp free for lifetime. Let us now if you have procured for yourself one yet?

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