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6 Whatsapp privacy options that everyone should have

In today’s mobile-based communication, Whatsapp holds that place which Windows holds for PC’s or Nvidia for graphics. No android user today could imagine to do messaging, voice calls; sends audio, video, and or other files on his android phone without Whatsapp. Since the app has been acquired by the social media giant Facebook, Whatsapp has dramatically revitalized for the android and other platforms as well. However, since the app has managed to secure 1 billion downloads so far, it is about time that the users should be given some additional privacy options of their own. Therefore, let us discuss what would be those 6 Whatsapp privacy options that everyone would certainly like to have.

Invisible mode

Almost every online chatting application like Skype or others have this amazing option of changing our status into “Invisible” mode. But Whatsapp still lacks this option, why? Basically, Whatsapp does not allow this privacy option because of the fact that they always wanted to have their users available online. Alternatively this can be done in a way that Whatsapp may allow their users a timely-defined invisible mode in which a user can avail invisibility on a particular time either in day or night. This will allow the convenience of chatting with someone important while you don’t want to be disturbed by the other users.


Having g an option of receiving/sending a text-only message can be good at times. It actually means that you may avoid the hassle of viewing images, videos, memes, or any other type of file from a user other than a text-only message. This surely can be a very vital option among the top 6 Whatsapp privacy options that a user might like to have.

Busy mode

Another option that is find in lots of other online communication applications, busy mode is helpful to a user in lots of ways. Many Whatsapp users might not wanted to be troubled by voice calls, audio or video messages or other types of file receiving’s except a simple text message while they are seriously busy in something important. Having a busy mode in Whatsapp would allow you the convenience of doing whatever your important task is in peace as most of the people won’t be disturbing you at all.

Re-editing the messages

Definitely a top feature among the most anticipated top 6 Whatsapp privacy options, it often happens that sometimes you might say something to someone in a hurry which you regret saying after words by mistake. It would be good if you can re-edit or recall your message completely and compose another one with the correct context you want to share.

Integrating an application lock

With the amount of use of Whatsapp today, it is understandable that the app should come with an in-lock facility in order to completely secure the personal data of a person. It would be much better a feeling for the users of Whatsapp if their privacy is protected in case they are not around their device. A feature that ranks as the topmost among the top 6 Whatsapp privacy options everyone would like in my opinion.

Friendship requests

Whatsapp should be follow the footsteps of Facebook in this regards, but a bit amended in a way (and Facebook owns Whatsapp). The thing should be this that while if friend requests cannot be unlimited a user might be given a specific number of request quota which he/she can send to Whatsapp users and if they get response they should be allowed to send more.

So, which of these top 6 Whatsapp privacy options you like for your use? Do tell us in the comments.

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