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Top 15 Whatsapp Tips & Tactics

In the sector of mobile communication, Whatsapp has been rated as the current king messenger app among all the others out there by a tally of global users. The app won the hearts of people by its simple messaging process and a lot of easy significant features. You can use it to send audio, video, images, maps, text or even make a video call to anywhere in the world totally free.

All that you need is an ISP or Wi-Fi service to run the application. Every hit app induces a thought in their users: a thought of knowing secret/useful tactics & tips about their app so here in this post today we will disclose to you top 15 Whatsapp tips & tactics that will make your Whatsapp experience a more enriched one.

Top 15 Whatsapp Tips & Tactics

  1. Do you know that you can easily spy on someone’s account in Whatsapp? To be able to do avail this golden opportunity, you need to open the settings of the rooted smartphone and note the MAC address of the Wi-Fi you use.
  2. You can enjoy Whatsapp even without a number. This is executed by spoofing the verification request when asked the very first time Whatsapp run after installation.
  3. You can easily get back the deleted message by someone in Whatsapp by transferring msgstore.db.crypt file to someone else’s phone and restoring it on their Whatsapp.
  4. There is an app in android called Megiapp which you can use to send one picture on another one. This is mostly done just to have fun you know.
  5. There is a serious restriction in Whatsapp on downloading profile pictures of other users. However, when you visit someone else’s profile, those DP’s are automatically downloaded and saved unto your phone’s SD card.
  6. Whatssaid: an app that creates bogus conversations can be used to have some good pranks upon others in Whatsapp.
  7. You can literally change the profile pictures of your friends on a specific phone in Whatsapp. You need to change the pictures’ name and the resolution and then saved on that smartphone.
  8. By using Cloud Send: an application that provides tool for the sharing of APK, DOC, PDF, and ZIP file formats; you can use it on Whatsapp to send these files anywhere you want.
  9. If you have Whatsapp plus subscription, you can hide or restrict downloading of your profile pic by every means.
  10. Download and install the block Whatsapp last seen app. This will permanently block the ‘Last Seen’ feature in Whatsapp, one of the best tip among all top 15 Whatsapp Tips & Tactics.
  11. You can disable the automatic picture downloading by installing Whatsapp Plus version.
  12. You can extend the validation of your Whatsapp to 2022 simply by installing Whatsapp with a singly number but in two different phones. One should be your android and the other be an iPhone.
  13. You can manage diverse Whatsapp accounts on a single routed smartphone easily. Just install Switch ME manifold accounts application and configure it accordingly.
  14. You can use Whatsapp directly on a WLAN connection without your SIM.
  15. The best and only way you can hack a conversation in Whatsapp is to use Whatsapp Sniffer.

So, these were the top 15 Whatsapp Tips & Tactics which were dispensed at your service. Let us know in the comments which tactic or tip comes handy for you?

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