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Whatsapp voice calling feature

The most widely used messaging app for android and iOS users (PC and other devices as well), Whatsapp is just about to release the Whatsapp voice calling feature to its customer base which consist of millions of people worldwide. Although, the feature will be rolled out in a step-by-step format, which means that to some of the users the Whatsapp voice calling feature will be available much earlier than the others. Anyhow, late or not, the Whatsapp voice calling feature will prove to be a very crucial addition for the Whatsapp users in an overall aspect. Therefore, let us highlight you upon everything you need to know about Whatsapp voice calling feature.

Whatsapp voice calling feature: A definition

Since the apps inception, the users can mostly send messages and other types of files through their Whatsapp application. But now, Whatsapp users should be able to make free voice calls to their Whatsapp contacts with the release of Whatsapp voice calling feature. The users can avail the facility of voice calling in Whatsapp either by using mobile data network or a Wi-Fi connection. The initial announcement of Whatsapp voice calling feature was made way back in 2014 by the company’s CEO Jan Koum. However, the upgrade was delayed somehow till the Q1 in 2015 as stated by the company in late October.

According to the CEO Jan Koum, there were certain difficulties left unresolved in order to provide a smooth Whatsapp voice calling feature for the users of Whatsapp and the company was in progress to make the upgrade a sensation experience for its users. There was a further statement that the developers are trying to give the feature best possible coverage o it can work seamlessly in such areas where there are issues of network coverage.

The cost of Whatsapp voice calling feature

The Whatsapp voice calling feature is a completely free of cost service for the Whatsapp users on any platform. The feature will use mobile data connection or Wi-Fi connection to place calls and these services might charge the subscriber for the usage (varies in different countries). Especially for those users who have unlimited Wi-Fi or mobile data connection subscriptions, the only obstacle in enjoying a hearty Whatsapp voice calling feature would be the low speeds or often disconnections by the net provider they use. Otherwise, you will enjoy a smooth and totally free voice calling feature in Whatsapp.

The availability of Whatsapp voice calling feature

Quite unfortunately, the Whatsapp voice calling feature so far is limited to only few users worldwide largely because of the fact that the function is released in step-by-step format. However, the company just recently started to augment the process in a faster way so that all Android users might well start to receive this upgrade. The one flock of Whatsapp users who will suffer the most time in waiting for the Whatsapp voice calling feature are PC or Mac ones because the upgrade is currently geared more towards the Android users, a large consumer base of Whatsapp.

How to get Whatsapp voice calling feature

In order to avail the Whatsapp voice calling feature on your smartphone, you should have to download and install the latest version 2.12.12 of the app from Whatsapp’s official website. The version that is currently available on Google play (2.12.5) does not support voice calling option. Anyways, after you installed the latest version of the app from its official site you should ask someone to give you a call using Whatsapp voice calling feature that they already have in their application. In order to activate the feature on your Whatsapp, you must have to receive that call because missing it won’t activate the feature on your Whatsapp.

After you receive the call, please wait for some time on hold until the Whatsapp voice calling feature is fully activated on your mobile. Once the feature is activated you will notice that your Whatsapp user interface changes and instead of old-two tabs of Chat and Contacts you will see an additional third tab of Calls. This is how you will get the Whatsapp voice calling feature on your handset and there is alternative way to activate it.

How the Whatsapp voice calling feature compares to other services

Whatsapp voice calling feature is as equal in functioning as the other voice calling software’s like Skype, Hangouts, or Viber. The only fact to have Whatsapp voice calling feature is to expend and enhance the user experience of the most largely used mobile messaging application, nothing more than that.

A precaution

Since the anticipation level consist of many people around the world who are impatient to have Whatsapp voice calling feature: there is however a security concern also connected with this hype as well. Due to the interest by many around the world, a security company known as “Quick Heal” reported that a scam is currently out there on the web which consist of a message something like this:

“Hey, I am inviting you to try WhatsApp calling click here to activate now-> http://WhatsappCalling.com”.

This hoax message, if clicked, can lead to downloading of a malicious application and to fill out a survey. Therefore, avoid such a scam if you haven’t yet received the official notification of the Whatsapp voice calling feature on your app and patiently wait until you can easily download the legal app from the official site and enjoy your Whatsapp voice calling feature on your mobile.

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