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Wi-Fi Hotspot For Windows 8.1/8/7 using Command Prompt

In computers we own today, there are two methods to do a particular thing. One way is through the software and the second is through the coding. This is a guide where I will share the coding method as I am writing this to help you set Wi-Fi hotspot for Windows 8.1/8/7 using command prompt.

If you are new to this thing, then Command Prompt is a special application in every Windows OS, which doesn’t work in GUI interface. Rather, it demands the command for anything you want it to do or possible within its limits. Just like a lot of things Command Prompt can do, it can also enable and create a Wi-Fi hotspot connection right on your Windows running computer and laptop.

The process I am sharing here is tested on Windows 7 and Windows 8 OS running systems. But, it didn’t work in Windows 8.1 sometimes. So, if your system is running on that version of OS, then I suggest you to try a software to create the hotspot for you, as the CMD codes may not help you in this case.

Still, you should give it a try, as I found it working in many cases. Since, you are all set to get a software then there is nothing bad in trying it on your own first. It will save your system from one more software.

How to Create Wi-Fi Hotspot for Windows

Before starting with the process, let me share one thing. One part of the process is same for both the operating systems (Windows 8 and 7, this also includes the 8.1). But the second part is little different because of different versions of OS.

Microsoft changed a bunch of things from Windows 7, so I am clearing that part in starting itself. This also starts our main process, so start going through instructions as I have written here.

For Windows 7

First, let’s start with the Windows 7 systems. You need to go through following set of instructions.

  1. Right click on the Internet Connection icon which is at the right-hand side in Task Bar.
  2. Click on ‘Open Networking and Sharing Center’.
  3. Click on ‘Adapter Settings’ from the left side panel.
  4. Right click on the Local Area Connection, or the connection you want to share and choose Properties.
  5. Now, click on Sharing tab and enable the first option over there.
  6. Click on Ok and the settings will be saved.


That’s it for now.

For Windows 8/8.1

In this OS, things are little different. Again, following steps will help you.

  1. Press the Window key from keyboard and star typing ‘Network and Sharing’.
  2. Click on Settings option under the search tool and then select the first option from the search results located at the left side.
  3. You will see the internet connection then. Select the one you wish to share and right click on the same.
  4. Choose Adapter setting from there and from the little Window, move into Share tab.
  5. Here, enable the first option and click on Ok button.


Command Prompt Work

After we have enabled the sharing attribute of the internet connection we are using. Following are the steps you need to go through which will finalize this whole process.

  1. Click on Start button and type ‘ Command Prompt’.
  2. Select the first result which leads to the right program and it will start running.
  3. Start typing the first command i.e. ‘netsh wlan show drivers’ and hit enter.
  4. If the answer comes in Yes, then you can proceed, otherwise the system at your end is missing the necessity drivers for this thing to happen. It also means that technically there are no Wi-Fi hotspot drivers.
  5. Now, you need to enter next command i.e. ‘netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=alow ssid=Surfsafely key=surfsafely’ and hit enter.

Wi-Fi Hotspot For Windows 8.187 using Command Prompt

Wait for a while and the Wi-Fi will start on your system. Now, you can connect any other Wi-Fi enabled device to the new connection you have created and shared for free.

The device you want to get connected needs to enter the password i.e. the key you entered in the above code. Yes, you can change the ssid and key part of the above code as per your convenience as they are just the username and password of your very own Wi-Fi hotspot.

Do let me know if you face any issues while going through the process and I try my best to come up with a solution. Also, share it with all your friends who are looking for a similar guide. Peace.


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