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WiFi Hotspot on Windows 7/8.1/8/XP PC/laptop With Connectify Hotspot Pro

Earlier I shared a method to create Wi-Fi hotspot connection on Windows systems using the command prompt and I promised to share it with software one as well. So, here is your guide to learning how to make Wi-Fi hotspot in Windows 7/8/8.1/XP PC/laptop with Connectify Hotspot pro software.

The software is available for free for first two days and later you need to pay for its premium version. Believe me, the premium version is totally worth and I recommend you going on the same way. If you try finding any crack or hack for this software then you may find success but then your system may be at risk of privacy hack.

So, just to be sure and use the facility of this software, you need to go with two days of free trial and later buy the premium version. Two days will give you an idea on how this software works. Ready for it?

The need for such software is simple and clear. We live in the age of smartphones and covered by the internet all around the corners. We can’t think of a day without the internet and that’s the reason why we want to sue our internet connection which we use on your computer to work for our smartphone, tablet or any other Wi-Fi compatible device.

One way to do that is by buying a Wi-Fi router and using it for the thing but why to invest money in that when you can do the same using your existing computer or laptop? It just needs to have Wi-Fi technology with correct and latest version of drivers installed.

Process to Make Wi-Fi Hotspot in Windows with Connectify Hotspot Pro

The process to go through and do this thing is pretty simple and I am pretty sure that you will not find any issues whatsoever. Just make sure that you don’t skip any of the steps I am going to add now.


  1. You need to first download Connectify Hotspot software. It is available for free at this moment and I recommend you to get it from its official website only, linked over here.
  2. Once the installer package of this Connectify software is downloaded completely, begin its installation process. You need to double click on the same file and start going through on screen instructions.
  3. The software installation is just like any other software you must have installed in past, i.e. clicking on Next, accepting the license agreement, and moving forward until you reach the Finish button. Finally, start the software.
  4. The software will be running almost instantly and you will quickly understand how to use it because of its simple and elegant looking user interface. Here inside the application, you need to enter the Wi-Fi Hotspot name you wish to create and the password key combination for the same.
  5. Once you enter those two details then you need to click on Start Hotspot button. Leave the rest of the settings by default and untouched.

The process is over from my side and so does at your end now. You don’t need to do anything else. Once you purchase the pro version of this application/software then you will be able to see more premium features. Like, you will be able to see the number of devices connected to this connection and you can even control them or monitor them remotely.

Do share the issue if you face any during the whole process. Also, you can share this useful stuff with your social friends in order to help them out understanding the same. Peace.

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