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Zero-Day Bug in Mac lets a Hacker Install a Malware in your MacBook

Our today’s security topic is for the MacBook, an apple’s OS-based laptop, and the weak point in the OS we will be discussing is the Zero-Day Bug in Mac which compromises your system’s security in the hands of a hacker to install a malware in it. Just recently, Apple has released an update for its users based on Java program which fixes a certain system issues related to security, in which there major target was Zero-Day bug in Mac to resolve the issue of malware attacks by the hackers.

This typical flaw in the MacBook has compromised many a system’s security which runs a Mac operating system and has allowed the attackers to install rootkit malware in their MacBook’s. Installing this malware lets a hacker take complete control of Mac OS and do modifications in the system whichever they like. The Zero-Day bug in Mac was first found by the Mac OS X security researcher Pedro Vilaca. By using this flaw as a gateway into the OS Pedro was able to completely take control on the workings of the Mac OS and could even access securely restricted areas on the MacBook.

Zero-Day bug in Mac is actually located in the software’s sleep or hibernation mode. In this mode is a dissection of memory in a particular way which gives certain amount of control to the users of the OS as well as the hackers who can eventually made their way into the system and make modifications as they like. This programming susceptibility is found on MacBook Air, MacBook Pro Retina, and MacBook Pro 8.2, all of which are installed with the most recent version of Mac OS on them.

There is still no patch update been released by the Apple to tackle the issue of Zero-Day bug in Mac since the flaw is quite a complex one. However, people are expecting a patch update soon by Apple and users voicing their concern continuously on Apple’s user forum but the company is following a “Shut-Up” policy currently on the issue of Zero-Day bug in Mac. Anyways, we’ll have to see what can be done in the coming months or so about this grave vulnerability in Mac OS by Apple.

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