3 Winter Occasions to Hire a Motivational Speaker


Some winter holidays and occasions don’t allow for a day off from work, but they’re important days nonetheless. Some are meant to inspire people, to encourage them to reflect on the greater good. Some are just meant to be fun, to give people hope after a long stretch of dark nights and cold weather. Let everyone step away from their desks to see a professional motivational speaker present on the topic of leadership during any of these winter occasions, and you’ll notice more productivity in the office.


Martin Luther King Jr. Day

There are few occasions more suited for hosting motivational speakers on leadership than Martin Luther King Jr. Day in January. Dr. King was a legendary civil rights leader who encouraged people of all races to come together to strive for an equal future. His work and speeches moved people, encouraged teamwork and gave people the courage they needed to take risks for the greater good. These are qualities that every employer values in its employees.

A professional speaker who presents on Martin Luther King Jr. Day might give an overview of Dr. King’s life and work, or he or she might simply use the occasion to inspire teamwork, leadership and smart risk-taking among your employees in your field of work. He or she may encourage discussion and debate or plan activities for employees to participate in. Encourage employees to take the time away from their to-do lists and reflect on the life and leadership of Dr. King; they may learn how to take his lessons to heart every day.

Presidents’ Day

As February winds down, Presidents’ Day occurs on the third Monday of the month. Too many people hear retailers boasting of “Presidents’ Day” sales without really reflecting on the meaning of the holiday. As both George Washington’s and Abraham Lincoln’s birthdays are in February, the holiday was created to celebrate not only two of the most celebrated presidents’ birthdays, but also to recognize the good that all presidents have done in their job as leaders, listeners and policymakers.

Let a professional speaker talk on the subject of leadership on Presidents’ Day this year at your company. He or she might cite examples of presidents taking calculated risks, compromising to work with the government as a team or otherwise leading the country to noble achievements, even when the outlook seemed bleak. The speaker can then correlate the presidents’ impact on the nation to individual employees’ impact on a company. A speaker can use the occasion to inspire employees to become leaders in their own work endeavors.

The End of Winter

By the time March rolls around, your employees will probably have had enough of winter, but depending on where you’re located, snow and cold temperatures could still be on the forecast. Celebrate the end of winter and the beginning of spring, whether or not the weather is indicative of the shift, with a speaker on leadership. Spring is about new beginnings, rebirths and cheerier temperatures. A speaker can discuss taking lessons present in Mother Nature and applying them to your business.

The end of the first yearly quarter will be approaching, and it’ll be time for your employees to reflect on how well the year is going. If there are adjustments to be made in what their department does, the start of spring can be an inspirational time to rethink how they do things. A speaker can use the occasion to encourage employees to take a step back and plan for a new beginning. Taking the time away from their desks to listen to a speaker on leadership will re-energize employees and encourage them to take initiative.

Whichever winter occasion you choose to celebrate at work, don’t let the lesson end with the motivational speaker. Speakers may encourage people to go on to follow in the examples of those who lead. The Corporation for National & Community Service states that Martin Luther King Jr. Day, for example, should be a day of volunteerism and service. Reward your employees who decide to give to others on these occasions by letting them take paid time off to volunteer, or organize an outing as a group.


About the Author: Kristine Shoenrock is a small business owner who recognizes the importance of planning inspiring events for her employees during the bleakest months of the year.


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