4 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

Are you ready to face the new challenges of growing your brand in 2021? In a survey conducted by Search Engine Journal, 71% of respondents said they plan on investing more marketing dollars toward digital marketing services. You can’t afford to just sit back and expect your previous strategies to provide the results you desire. Instead, you must beef up your digital marketing plan to reach more customers, improve brand authority and ultimately boost your bottom line. The easiest way to get the best marketing team is to hire the best talent like the candiates at Culver’s marketing recruiting firm. Here are the top4 trends you should follow this year.

Live Streaming

In 2016, it has become clear that online users love live streaming. Facebook hopped on the trend with the introduction of Facebook Live. After teaming up with several publishers, their live streaming service officially rolled out to all users. Twitter also refused to lag behind, partnering with the Democratic and Republican conventions in 2016 and the Golden Globes in early 2017. They even made it easier for users to watch the stream, eliminating the need to access a third-party application such as Periscope.

There are plenty of ways to incorporate live streaming into your marketing strategy. Depending on your niche, you must think about the right kind of content to serve to viewers. For example, you can show a tutorial on how to use your product. You may also want to take users behind the scenes of how your product is created. Get creative and experiment with different kinds of content to see what best engages your target audience. Take some time to perform a content audit and see how you can leverage live streaming to attract more customers.

Influencer Marketing

Everybody seems to be advertising on the Internet these days. In fact, many marketers gradually shy away from traditional marketing techniques and focus on digital marketing services to build their online brand presence. But even with the immense popularity of online marketing, word-of-mouth continues to be the best way to promote your products or services. People find it easier to pursue any kind of transaction when the product in question is recommended by somebody they know. On the Internet, this comes in the form of online reviews and testimonials.

It can prove difficult, however, to generate plenty of genuine reviews from your customers. The good news is that there is another way to leverage the power of word of mouth. This is where influencer marketing comes in. Basically, this involves partnering with an authoritative figure or trendsetter in your niche. You can find influencers in social media. They usually have a large following of laser targeted customers. Since their followers trust their recommendations, you can enjoy better exposure and higher conversions with their help.

Ephemeral Content

We have also seen a rise in popularity of ephemeral content in the past year. The funny thing is that you may not know what ephemeral content is despite seeing it almost every day. This is the kind of posts that have a limited lifespan, typically disappearing after 24 hours. It is made popular by Snapchat, and it’s clear that users love it. Instagram also introduced their own take on ephemeral content called Instagram Stories while Facebook calls it My Day.

This is a new trend that doesn’t seem attractive to most online marketers. After all, how can you generate a good return if your content disappears after a short period of time? The thing is, users spend a whole lot of time-consuming this kind of content. It only makes sense to deliver what your target users want. One of the biggest advantages to this is that it usually presents an opportunity of giving your brand a human character. Sharing “in the moment” content resonates with your target audience, potentially helping in building authority and credibility.

Content Marketing

By now, everybody should understand the importance of content marketing. And since it’s already 2018, it’s worth noting that content shouldn’t be limited to traditional blog posts. Instead, you should take the time to deliver different kinds of content to your visitors in order to improve engagement. Some of the best choices include videos, images, GIFs, infographics, podcasts, e-books, and live streams. In today’s digital landscape, the last thing you want is to be a one trick pony. Try to cover all the needs of your audience by using more than one type of content.

Aside from diversifying your content portfolio, you should also place great emphasis on personalization. Your goal should be to connect with your visitors as effectively as possible. Be sure to look at your analytics and glean customer insights. This is an excellent way of learning more about your prospects, how they surf the web, where they spend the most time, and what language they use. It’s also important to segment your users into different groups based on where they’re at in your sales funnel. This enables you to deliver the right kind of content based on their needs, which can significantly boost your conversion rates.

Digital marketing services are relevant now more than ever. If you want to gain more customers in the latter half of the year, then be sure to keep up with the latest changes and stay ahead of the competition.

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