5 Questions Every Eco-Conscious IT Manager Should Ask Themselves

When it comes to energy efficiency, data center management is the crux of eco business practice. However, for those who are already convinced that their infrastructure is the greenest it can be, the data center infrastructure management specialists at RiT Technologies have compiled five questions to put your green credentials to the test…

Is your local recycling and refurbishment service on speed dial?

The recycling and refurbishment of technology resources, compared to replacing the old with the new, is a major part of managing a green data center, whichever industry you reside in. The use of used spares and parts goes a long way when extending your IT budget and can actually save up to 50% annually.

Does your old hardware find itself in local landfill?

Recycling irreparable equipment should be high on the agenda of any green data center manager. In recent years, only 20% of end-of-life electronics were successfully recycled with the rest clogging up landfill sites across the globe. Not only will recycling reduce ‘e-waste’ at landfill, it will also ensure the hazardous toxins found in hardware are disposed of correctly.

Is cleanliness high on your agenda?

Ensuring the floors of your data center are free from clutter is an important factor in improving the airflow that is essential to maintenance of temperature-regulated hot and cold aisles. Eliminating hotspots and preventing hot and cold air from mixing will improve the performance and energy efficient of your data center.

Are gaps and other openings resolved quickly?

Maintaining your data center’s temperature can be a difficult task for any IT Manager, with even the tiniest gaps and openings causing major regulation problems. Performing regular checks for holes in tiles, gaps in flooring and perforations around cable entry points is a vital part of regulating air conditioning efficiency, remaining the recommended temperature and managing a greener data center.

Are you a stickler for measuring, monitoring and metrics?

Tracking power usage consistently and adapting your management to reduce energy further must be carried out regularly to ensure your data center remains efficient and cost effective. The collection of detailed metrics will enable you to highlight trends throughout the year and resolve seasonal issues with heating and cooling as they occur.

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