Building a Successful Career in Networking

One of the most demanding and dignified jobs in the technology sector is the profile related to Networking. IT infrastructure is a burning segment with millions of developments happening each day, giving networking a good boost. So if you are really interested in this field of IT and want to pursue a career in networking, this article will be an insight to the benefits and right approach to flourish.

Although becoming a networking professional is not what most of the people are opting, thinking of it as a challenging job, but the rewards and benefits are very alluring. For those who are experts in technical knowledge and believe in using it practically, career in networking is for you.

Job Profiles in Computer Networking:

The networking areas where job opportunities are available include:

Routing and Switching – Expertise in switches for the Local Area Network (LAN) and Wide Area Network (WAN) installation and support this technology.

Network Design – Network designing for the LAN & WAN routers by professionals who are adept with these skills.

Network Security – Professionals designing and developing security networks.

Voice – Professionals who work on the solutions related to voice on the IP networks by installing and maintaining them.

Service Provider – Majorly found in the telecommunications area n an end-to-end networking environment, people in this field have hands on experience on working on infrastructure or access solutions.

Network Storage – People who are skilled in developing and implementing storage solutions through various transport options on the network infrastructure.

The job titles given to professionals in the computer networking positions are – Network Administrator, Network (Systems) Engineer, Network (Service) Technician, IT Architect, Network Programmer/Analyst, Network/Information Systems Manager, telecommunications technician, VoIP engineer, etc.

What do companies Expect and Offer

In getting placed as one of the above mentioned professionals, you need to know what exactly companies in this sector are looking for. Mostly they want to have experienced experts other than the degree you have pursued.  This is because they want professionals who can start working immediately without spending much time in training and development because of the deadlines and deliverables these professionals work on.  Besides the conventional degrees there are several other short term professional certifications and courses that will make you progress in the career of networking more effectively with high pay packages.

Remuneration is the biggest plus point in this industry. If you are a skilled professional, chances of earning a lucrative income are very bright. And with the increasing demand of professionals in this sector, the scope of salary hike significantly is very much assured.

Benefits of Networking Jobs

Now that you know of the scope in various profiles in networking, let us also know the top five reasons, why you should pursue this profession.

Throughout on the job learning- The profile of a network administrator or network engineer is to work with the networking of any company. Each company has a different networking infrastructure which are been developed after a long tailoring process. Therefore, your jobs will be very different in each company you join. This gives you an opportunity to learn through their on-site training which will be again, different I every company you go during the span of your career. This field gives you a platform to learn throughout your career about the diverse network configurations existing in this world.

One of the Most Sought after Job – Even when the economy of the world was facing a major downturn, jobs in networking space kept flourishing. The good thing is that in the coming years as well, the jobs are expected to marginally be flooding in the market giving the people in this field an endless scope of job opportunities. Therefore, if you are looking for a job in the IT domain which will assure you of a bright career growth, networking is definitely one lucrative option.

Work across Industry Verticals – IT infrastructure exists in any company across industries. So whether it is consumer industry, telecom, manufacturing or financial, IT networking is there in some form or the other. This also opens up doors to visit global locations as countries across the world are building up technological infrastructure. So if you believe you are competent enough as a networking professional, there is simply no one stopping you.

New Career Opportunities – After becoming an expert in the profession you could very easily set up your own venture. Becoming an IT Architect, system analyst, or a freelance technician will become an easily achievable option for you. With now, more and more businesses depending on the IT networking, your business is definitely going to flourish.


This field gives you an opportunity to keep developing your career as a professional all your life. Your value as an intellectual worker will keep increasing your confidence and opportunities to grow further. Though not a glamorous job profile, network administration will prove your potential and competencies everywhere you go. The scope is extremely broad, offering networking openings across industries, across countries equally. Being in this area is like a stepping stone for opening up of a bright career path in future.


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