Corporate Photo Books

Corporate Photo Books


Businesses can now use many forms of content when they’re trying to promote themselves. However, it’s still important to do so creatively. Too many corporate websites have a similar format and layout. Visitors will often go to a professional web page and see one large image and a block of text, which might be paired with another couple of generic images.

Using written content, pictures, and video content on the same website can be genuinely effective. However, these are all broad categories, and people can be creative with all of these different content types. Even modifying the length of a corporate video can be significant.

Shorter Corporate Videos

It’s very common for people to create corporate videos today. These videos are often shared, and it’s relatively easy to make a video entertaining. However, corporate videos were once comparatively unusual, and people were relieved when they saw that they could get information from a video quickly. It’s now more or less expected for a company to have at least one video, so these audiovisual presentations have to be as watchable as possible.

People today are used to watching shorter videos online. They also have less patience for video advertisements than they did in the past. Many new pieces of video content are brief. People might attempt to skip through a corporate video that is too long, and they could miss important information along the way.

Splitting up a long corporate video into a series of shorter videos might seem unnecessary, but it could actually completely change the way the information is received. Customers, website visitors, and new employees who wouldn’t watch a thirty-minute video will watch 3 ten-minute videos or 6 five-minute videos.

Companies can still include the same amount of information, but they might have more luck if they present everything that way. A photo book can help them prepare other types of visual information just as smoothly.

Corporate Photo Books

Having just a few large images on a corporate website won’t always create the right impression since so many other websites are designed that way. Those pictures sometimes fade into the background. People will pay much more attention to the pictures that are used to create the best photo book that they’ve seen on a business website.

There are many templates for professional photo books available now. The companies that take the time to make these photo books in the first place will already seem more prepared than many of their competitors.

Photo books can sometimes seem both casual and formal at the same time, so they’ll fit in well with many of the workplace cultures of today. These digital creations look very polished; still, they can be used to present pictures of workplace celebrations or parties, and not just serious occasions. Written content is just as versatile.

Valuable Written Content

People don’t necessarily need short pieces of written content. They’ll read long-form content if they believe that it’s informative enough. Some people avoid watching videos and read video transcripts instead, and providing video transcripts for corporate videos can be helpful.

Website visitors won’t want to feel as if they’ve wasted time reading content that wasn’t useful to them. Social media users sometimes do their own research after seeing a very brief social media post. Anticipating the sorts of questions that people will ask is particularly useful when creating content.


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