Creating Social Media Buzz for Your App

Social media, without a shadow of a doubt, has now become one of the key platforms to rely on when it comes to marketing. Brand awareness has become such a huge phrase for any product, and social media platforms are one of the preferred ways to engage with customers and get your message across. And best of all, it will cost you considerably less than running ads in newspapers or even billboards.

However, you have to prepare in advance. Do not wait until the product is live; start generating buzz about your app weeks before the official launch. This will allow you to create a fan following and garner interest among people who will be genuinely excited to see your app.

Prepare Promotional Material         

When it comes to marketing, you have to remember that the quality of the product and the quality of your message matters equally. The latter can arguably cover up any shortcomings in the quality of the product itself. You will be needing promotional material for your big social media campaign. Hire some talented graphics designers who can attract the attention of the average user with their art.


Use high-quality banners, rich colors, and bold, readable text. Don’t just use a white background and black text and call it a day.

Set Up a Page

The next thing you want to do is set up social media accounts. Evaluate your app and decide which social media platform best suits the kind of app you have on your hands. You can always use multiple platforms for maximum outreach. Twitter is usually regarded as the preferred choice for customer support. Use the banners and images that you created earlier. You can also set up a managed WordPress website – Apple developers NYC cost almost nothing.


Now is the time to take things to the next level. Facebook, for example, allows you to advertise your page for a small fee. Hopping on board Facebook’s ad program will allow you to target the audiences you believe the app is for. Facebook users will then start to see sponsored ads in their feed.

Build Engagement        

You have a page and people are starting to follow you, the next step is to kick off a social media campaign that will involve engaging users by showing them what the app is about. But make sure it’s just about enough to tease, keep some of the information reserved, and build anticipation towards the launch. Create hashtags for your app and give users a reason to share with their friends and family.

Word of Mouth

Social media platforms have many influencers, and those influencers have a large fan following who trust them and love to hear what they have to say. You can run sponsorships with social media influencers who you think have the right kind of audience. A good word will work wonders for your app just in time for launch.

Be Prepared for Launch Day

Once your app is out there in the market, be prepared to assist customers because there will potentially be a lot of queries. Your app may not be as perfect as you had thought, and a wide scale launch will highlight all the bugs. Therefore, mentally prepare yourself to work harder on releasing an update to fix major issues.


If you find keeping up with social media feedback overwhelming, you can always hire someone as your social media manager. Your app is your primary product, the more people know about it and in the best light, the more your app will thrive. Remember to listen to your fans and try to add fan-favorite features to your app.


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