Embracing Business Change

As the world moves into the process of recovery following the global pandemic, there are inevitably going to be big changes coming to businesses as whole – some may be easy to adjust to, others may be a little more difficult as they require infrastructure change – embracing them is the only way to make the most of them, however.


Remote working may be here to stay – Perhaps the biggest change to operations can be seen within the emergence of remote working where possible with a bit of a difficult adjustment. The change comes amidst growing support from employees globally as job satisfaction and performance seems to be finding a continued increase – by removing a long home to work commute, and allowing the comforts of staying at home, there may be a continued effort to ensure that remote working stays in the longer term. The next stage for many businesses will be to ensure that infrastructure needs can be met, and if they can, they remain future proof.


Rules and guidance may also evolve – Something that is going to remain an evolving change is within safety guidance and rules. As the impact of the coronavirus continues to change, safety measures will adjust depending on need and regulation will slowly be put in place to ensure a future impact isn’t so great.


There may also be industry specific changes to adjust to that have happened in the meantime, one of these changes has been specifically targeted toward mobile gaming as it has seen a lot of growth in the past few months, primarily in betting as sporting events return. One of these changes has occurred within the Gamstop initiative already imposed some of these changes in the middle of the pandemic by making it mandatory for operators to register, there have been a growing number of services registering elsewhere as seen by these USA casinos that do accept UK players. It’ll remain important to be mindful of these changes, and adjust strategies as they come.


It might be a slow start – The biggest thing to consider, and may be more difficult to embrace, is that returning to your normal day may be a little slower that could usually be anticipated. It’s difficult to prepare for the big changes that are coming, and change may be slow despite a focus being placed on economic recovery. This is the time to be patient and communicate with your customer base to aid recovery as much as possible, but not to rush this stage in favour of ignoring advice or alienating your consumer.


It’s an important time for businesses now, the green light has been given to reopen under certain circumstances in many countries, others are also facing the possible outbreak of a second wave – whilst these risks still need to be largely mitigated, there are some early good signs. Stay on top changes and business requirements, and you may already be ahead of your competition who aren’t following the same path and trying to push too early.

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