Engage Your Followers Without Overloading Their Circuits: 5 Tips

Engagement is the lifeblood of any sound social media marketing strategy.

Don’t believe it? According to a 2017 study by The Incite Group, fan base expansion — follower growth and engagement — was among the 1,000-plus respondents’ top priorities in the near term. For some, it crowded out all other imperatives.

The world’s most dynamic companies have discovered that growing and engaging audiences is critical to continued success. It’s up to you to take a page out of their books, because your competitors surely are.

This reasonably straightforward task is made more complicated by the sheer amount of noise out there. You’re competing for your fans’ attention against a bevy of distractions and novelties, most of which will do nothing to meaningfully improve their lives.

It’s on you to make sure you cut through the din effectively and capture key prospects’ fleeting attention — and to do so without overloading their already-at-capacity circuits, with all the blowback that could entail.

These five back-to-basics engagement strategies will get your followers to listen without turning them off to your message.

1. Get Back in the Game

First things first: get back into the engagement game, if you ever left. Take a hard look at your personal and business profiles and pages. Devise a game plan for each: what updates to make and when, what audience groups to target and how, and what resources you need to devote to the effort.

2. Make Sure They Know Who You Are

Next up: make sure prospects who come across your profiles for the first time — hopefully thanks to the inbound marketing techniques you’ll leverage moving forward — know exactly who you are, why they should care, and what you’re likely to do for them. This LinkedIn profile for movie producer David Mimran is a good example: with a comprehensive CV and accurate, up-to-date demographic information, it contains everything an aspiring screenwriter or director needs to know about Mimran and nothing they don’t.

3. Regularly Post New, High-Quality Content (in Whatever Medium Makes You Comfortable)

Now that you’ve got the basics out of the way, set out a realistic publishing schedule: one new post or video per week to start, perhaps. If you’ve got too much else going on, call in reinforcements — on-staff marketing people or trusted freelancers, most likely. Treat anything you publish online with the care you’d give to a book manuscript. Nothing saps credibility like poorly edited work.

4. Conduct Regular Audience Polls (and Share the Results)

This is an interactive, low-stakes engagement tactic that really works. Poll your audience about things they care about (or to find out what they care about in the first place), then follow up with a detailed analysis of the results. Bonus: re-use your poll results in periodic reports issued by your content team.

5. Host Interactive Q&A Sessions

Why stop at polls? Host interactive Q&A sessions on appropriate media — Twitter, Facebook, and Reddit work best. Invite anyone and everyone to join. Focus on a relatively narrow topic aperture: say, “How to Drive Engagement on Social Media.” Follow up with a report highlighting key takeaways from the conversation.


These five tips should jump-start your social media engagement game without alienating your followers. Don’t take them for granted, though: as your social marketing strategy develops, you’ll no doubt uncover additional opportunities to win over new converts.

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