Essential Apps for Young Professionals

Being a young professional can be a very challenging and eye opening endeavour. Becoming adjusted to the real world after graduating from college comes with a lot of unforeseen circumstances, luckily, there are a lot of great apps that can help young professionals adjust. Whether you are an individual who wants to improve their organization, writing skills, exercise, or even someone who wants to find a cheap, high quality apartment in their new city, there is pretty much an app for everything. Having these apps is clearly an advantage our past generations did not had the luxury of having, so it is extremely logical to take full advantage of this technology by just a simple download.


Redfin is an incredibly useful app for young professionals looking to find a new home due to a new career. Let’s say you’re starting a new job in Fresno, CA, Redfin will allow you to see all Fresno homes for sale and also give you the option to plan open house visits and schedule home tours. Redfin will also give users a competitive advantage in seeing which homes will likely sell the quickest. The app will also allow users to get exclusive insight by reading comments written by real estate agents who have gone on house tours explaining what the home is really like. Redfin pretty much has everything a young professional could need in regards to finding the best available places to live on the market.


Regardless of the profession you are in, more likely than not you will be writing to some extent and need to have proper grammar. So in order to have a strong impression on a boss, an app like Grammarly can be a big assistance. Grammarly is an English writing-enhancement platform that proofreads your writing. Sending out a mass email to the office that contains a typo can be quite embarrassing, so having Grammarly to ensure that there is no typo before the email is fired out can be a lifesaver. There are plenty of occasions where we are rushing our work, causing us sometimes to make silly mistakes, but by having grammarly to make sure your writing is grammatically correct on platforms such as Gmail, Linkedin, and other online services, these silly mistakes can be cautiously avoided.


Young professionals are constantly making various accounts, whether it be email, social media, or numerous other types of platforms. Remembering all of those passwords can really be a hassle, and having to reset passwords can be time consuming and wasteful. 1Password is an app that keeps a record of which password you’ve created for each site you visit. Removing the hassle of trying to remember a long lucrative password goes right out the window, adding a little less stress to your day.


As a young professional, you are likely going to be taking a lot of notes and will be in need of organizing a ton of information. Evernote can be a great assistance in organizing all your notes and having crucial information accessible in one spot at all times. Evernote’s search capabilities are incredibly useful and advanced, as you just have to type what you are looking for into the search bar and Evernote will show every single note that is in relation to that topic. The app also easily lets you save notes as videos, PDFs, voice messages, and pretty much anything else you could think of. Whether it is general project info, reminders, or research, all of this information can be carefully managed into Evernote, allowing you to be a more productive and well managed young professional.

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