How to make a Magento store secure and errors free

Having a site is large responsibility: you should pay for hosting in time; create backups of your site regularly and make many other things to ensure its flawless work. It’s even more important if you own an online store. This store works on you so each delay in server response, each error means your losses.

Imagine: you bought a catchy domain name, found a good hosting provider, configured all the settings, added your products and got your first customers. Over time your inventory and lists of clients will grow as well as the profit. It’s a perfect picture, right?

But reality is not so bright and there are more mountains you will have to climb to get to success. Even if you make everything depending on you perfectly, there may be other things preventing you from getting what you deserve.

These days there are lots of people whose main purpose is to ruin sites and all the work carried out on them. They are spammers and they usually try to get to a site’s admin panel and core files. Fortunately, content management systems are becoming more secure and these days there are many useful extensions for Magento.

When it comes to blocking hackers attacks, the main thing is to detect them. They are usually seen in your server log files. Moreover, advanced errors detectors will notify the site admin about all hacking attempts and any unusual activity in general. You can further use this info to blacklist hackers’ IP addresses and ranges, so each time they’ll try to load your site, they’ll get a 403 error.

Getting rid of errors in your Magento store

You can configure the extension settings to track errors occurring on your site. It applies to server errors as well as 404 pages. It’s even possible to see a referrer and the path a customer used to get to your error page. This info should always be up-to-date and it requires your immediate actions.

You can also see crawling errors in Google Webmaster Tools (if you haven’t added your site there, what are you waiting for?). The tool also shows the referrer in combination with the error page. But from my experience this info can sometimes be out-of-dated (it will show up even if you’ve fixed the error).

So the main rule here is to find an error page and fix it. However, customers will still error pages from time to time, it happens to the best of us. So your ability here is to ensure that user experience won’t be unpleasant. Just customize your error page and show customers you care about them. A good 404 page can transform a frustrated customer into a loyal one. There are a lot of examples of creative error pages available on the internet, so you will definitely find some great ideas for your Magento store.

Now you know how to make your Magento site more secure and get rid of unwanted errors. Just use that knowledge and move towards your goals… and big profits, of course!

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