How to repair a furnace heat exchanger?

Gas furnaces are used by millions of households to heat up their homes across the US. No wonder — they provide a high level of comfort, heat up the premises to an optimal temperature in winter, and they are easy to exploit. The cost of that system is friendly for an average American household.

However, given all these advantages, a gas furnace can malfunction, which can lead to danger when malfunctions are not repaired on time. Statistically, malfunctions are most frequent in its heat exchanger. Repairing a furnace in Denver 24/7 can be entrusted to the Best Heating Cooling & Air Company.

What is a furnace heat exchanger?

A heat exchanger is a key element of any system of gas heating. No matter where it was produced — in the US, Europe, or Asia — the detail has a standard design. These are several bent pipes of stainless steel or copper and they are responsible for the heating up of the heat carrier. Without the effective functioning of a heat exchanger, the heating system cannot cope with the tasks it was designed for.

A heat exchanger resembles a radiator grille of a car. It allows controlling the intake of gas, thus, establishing a comfortable temperature inside the premises that are being heated up. A few moments can cause malfunctions of the work of this element, which you shan’t ignore.

What malfunctions are observed in a heat exchanger?

If a heat exchanger is extensively exploited, it might face several kinds of malfunctions:

  • the accumulation of scale on metal parts, which is impossible to remove mechanically
  • clogging of pipes with litter, soot, cinder, and other components, which deteriorate the functioning.

A clogged heat exchanger works by 20-30% worse than it should and every day, its function is depressed even more. But the problem is not just the functioning of a furnace but also the health of the people who live in a house. A person might be intoxicated with the poisonous gasses, which start to fill up the air that they breathe.

When it is necessary to seek help?

If a gas furnace does not cope with the heating up of the air to a required temperature, works with interruptions, and starts to make hums, these are the signs that you really should pay attention to the problem. Do not try to disassemble the furnace on your own or try to repair it with your own hands. This is the work for licensed and specialized companies.

Experts strongly recommend — do not wait until the signs of the abovementioned faults appear. The best solution is preventive maintenance. The parts of a heat exchanger are to be washed once in two years and if you exploit it very often — even more frequently. This allows to prevent malfunctions and enjoy a nice level of comfort. The gas furnace shall be checked before the heating season starts — to avoid facing any troubles during its active work during a cold time of the year.

Buying a new heat exchanger vs repairing it

In most cases, the specialists will clean up the clogged heat exchanger, so there will be no need to install a new one. This is reached given the regular preventive maintenance of your furnace and its exploitation according to the recommended safety precautions.

However, any system has its maximum exploitation term. In a number of cases, fixing the heat exchanger is not possible and there will be only one option — its replacement. The decision to replace a heat exchanger is taken by professionals based on thorough diagnostics of the entire system of gas heating. After that, they are to select the best possible substitution that will be compatible with a specific model of your furnace.

How to clean the heat exchanger?

There are several ways of cleaning the grill of the heat exchanger. No matter what option you choose, the work always must be carried out by professionals — do not try to do it on your own! The repair has the following process:

  1. manual cleaning using a brush and special cleaning paste
  2. processing the heat exchanger with acid liquid with a booster
  3. using hydrodynamic washing.

A heat exchanger is cleaned after it is disconnected from the furnace. After the cleaning, it is installed back in place. The correct disconnection and connection can only be made by specialists. This part is installed back after it fully dries. After that, they run diagnostics and check, whether the cleaning helped restore the functionality or not.

The Best Heating Cooling & Air Company in Denver is a team of professionals in their business. We can select the best option for cleaning a gas furnace. We can make any type of diagnostic of the system and elaborate a thorough plan for the restoration of its work. We do not want to sell you as many services as possible — we want to fix it for you!

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