How to use social media for app marketing

With around 5 million of mobile apps available on the market, it’s hardly possible to make your app visible and spoken about. And app development is only a starting point of your app-entrepreneur cycle. More on building apps you can find here.

App development is quite challenging, but when it comes to marketing, you get overwhelmed with all that marketing stuff. What way should you go? What marketing strategy to choose? If you are green at app marketing, it might be difficult finding out what things to do first.

When it comes to app marketing, social media is an ideal place for promotion just because the majority of people use social media sooner or later. In 2017 there were over 2.5 billion of active users across all social media channels, isn’t it enough to promote your mobile app?

Social media has a wide range of benefits not to mention brand awareness, key app audience, more downloads, and user engagement. Let’s learn how to take the best out of the social media for app marketing.

How to market a mobile app through social media?

There are a dime a dozen of directions you can choose including ads and reviews, as well as more out-of-the-ordinary methods for increasing the visibility of a mobile app.

Step #1 – Plan in advance

Planning is a key element of an app marketing strategy. To start with, decide on which social media channel to go be it Twitter, Facebook, Google+, etc. Then you have to choose what content you are going to publish (viral or tips) and who is going to write it. You can write it on your own or hire a professional writer.

While deciding, keep your target audience, their preferences as well as profile in mind. Knowing your target audience and social media they prefer will help make you the right choice.

Step #2 – Generate unique and valuable content

To bring visibility to your mobile app, you have to create informative, unique, and first-rate content. You should give content the solemnity it deserves since content helps keep your target audience interested and engaged. For example, if you are promoting your educational app, then write how to learn sth quickly, top five books to read, etc.

Along with that, try creating some hunky-dory videos to engross your users. Make them funny and quirky. Don’t forget to promote videos via the appropriate social channels such as YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter.

Step #3 – Sublime your content with social media

Users are likely to respond more favorably to the comment that is human and not marketing-first. And if you are passionate about your app, the users will get it.

Don’t forget to ask for feedback. It will help you move in the direction your users want. Collecting feedback allows improving the existing app and raping all the advantages. Moreover, users like direct interaction. Communication with users will help understand your target audience much better, realize your mistakes, find out what features to add first, etc.

Step #4 – Motivate your users to download the app

Yahoo has studied out what motivates the users to download new apps, and according to their research, the users will download the app if :

  • It solves a particular problem

  • They are bored and looking for a new entertaining app (mostly for games)

  • A friend recommends the app

  • Their current app lacks

So first and foremost your app should bring more value and solve the pains of your target users. But let’s move closer to marketing tips for motivating the users.

If you really want to popularize your app, then there is no chance to avoid rewarding. There is a dime a dozen of ways to motivate your users to use and share your app. You can start with a referral program – one active user = one month of advanced functionality, etc.

Step #5 – Go for Google+, Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram

Every social media channel has its pluses and minuses, but they are an effective means for making your app visible on the market. Google + can boost up your organic search results, but Twitter and Facebook have millions of active users.

A page on Facebook provides a digital presence in the social media world allowing you to gain credibility, create a buzz around your app as well as collect feedback.  And Instagram is a great marketing channel, too. With 80 million of active users, an Instagram presence is one of the ways you should follow while promoting your business app.

Making the bottom line

Social media is an ideal pathway to promote your app and triple your downloads. This is because apps along with social networks are an indispensable part of our daily life. Social channels can help you market or promote your app. Posting timely and regularly, creating unique and useful content, referral program, social ads are key components of your social campaign.

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Helen Morrice is a content crafter at IDAP Group, a mobile and web app development agency. She knows how to take advantage of social networks for app promotion. You can connect with Helen on Facebook or Twitter.

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