Investing According to Your Gut, Your Mind, and Your Heart

Trading stock is an intense exercise in control and release actions. There will be times when you should buy and hold stock and times when it’s best to sell. We are introduced to a new investment opportunity, either in a potential public offering or in the discovery of some modern technology or new enterprise just hitting the market, almost every day. These opportunities could prove profitable if they are placed on the stock market.

Position Yourself

It’s during these types of revelations that you should position yourself to buy stock in these companies. A good example of seeing the value and then taking advantage of your position is an executive who buys stocks in the company he or she is helping to build. That’s how Sheryl Sandberg net worth grew to 1.6 billion. As the COO of Facebook, she owns over $975,858,834 in company stock.

Keep Your Eye on Current Events and Latest Discoveries

Owning company stock is one way to improve your portfolio of holdings. Another way is to keep your eye on current events and the latest technological discoveries. By staying informed, you can be alerted to the innovative ideas that will generate the most excitement and recent sales in the marketplace. When the recording industry went from CDs to MP3s, it was exciting for many to think that they could have their entire music library travel with them in a miniature format through the iPod or other MP3 player. iPod sales were exceptional as were that of other similar players.

Apple Music added 10 million subscribers within the first six months of launching in 2015. Now, they have over 60 million subscribers. By keeping your eye on trends, you can spot the next winner with great precision. Currently, the country is seeking new energy sources, artificial intelligence is a new area of national competition, and fighting new pandemics is on everyone’s mind.

Listen and Watch

With these world issues to focus on, the smart investor has his ear to the ground for any peeps of a revelation in any of these key issues. These will be the new money makers of tomorrow. Investing from the ground up will merit you the kinds of returns investors gained when they invested in Facebook, Microsoft, Alibaba, or Visa during their initial public offerings. The companies were able to raise billions of dollars and those monies contributed to their continued success. Consequently, the investors were well rewarded with increased and still increasing stock prices.

What Are the Trends of the Day?

Examine the trends of the day. For instance, everyone was shocked by the pandemic and many lifestyle changes were forced upon us all. Many businesses closed their doors and asked much of their workforce to work from home. Now that the pandemic is getting controlled, many of those workers do not wish to go back to the office full-time. Many employers learned that if they expand, they don’t need more space. Instead of more space, they need to select the work that can be successfully completed from the worker’s home.

With these learning experiences come new needs. Creative minds are currently developing those new concepts. Soon these inventions will surface. Are you ready for them? Will you be poised to invest in them?

The electric truck by Ford, the best-selling vehicle in America, will make the availability of electric charging stations mandatory in the United States.

You may want to invest in sustainable products in general, not just energy products or services. The marijuana craze is yet another trend that many people have chosen to invest in.

Naturally, you must spend your money according to your moral, financial, and mental preferences. Understanding the value of hemp products may not be enough to get you to morally accept their use for everyday purposes.

As Always, Do Research

The best option for anyone is to do your research. Learn about the energy sources in use today, or that have potential. Find the companies specializing in those sources and research their history, management, and their competition. By learning about the future alternative energy sources, you can find a source that meets your belief systems for what our future should look like. Then, make a choice.

Choose the alternative energy you feel most comfortable with and make a choice of consciousness, or if so inclined, make a financial choice. Which one do you believe will have the greatest following?

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