Make Your Desk Drawers Work for You

Having plenty of storage in and around your desk is paramount to the success that you can experience in the workplace. When everything has its place, you can quickly grab what you need and tackle the job that you’ve been given. You should strive to keep the top of your desk clean since this will be your primary workspace during the day; it’s a great idea to take some time before you leave work each day to clear away the documents that you’ve used so that you’ll be ready for the challenges that come your way tomorrow. Let’s look at some interesting and functional ways of setting up your desk drawers so that they will make your work more efficient.



Organise Each Drawer

You’ll want to establish a role for each of the drawers in your desk and fill them with the tools that you need to do your job as well as your personal belongings. The five main categories that you should try to have are:

  • A personal items drawer for your wallet and keys
  • An office supply drawer for the pens and pencils that you use
  • A labeller drawer where you keep the tabs and inserts that are used in file folders
  • A mail drawer that also serves as a place for your corporate bills and finances
  • A drawer for your files and projects

Keep Your Personal Preferences in Mind

Keep in mind that your personal preferences play an important part in getting your office ready for your workload. You can add to or take away from the number of drawers that you use and the functions that you need for your specified job.

Your personal items drawer will safely keep your belongings out of sight, especially if your office is in a high-traffic area. You may be more comfortable if things are placed in a drawer instead of bulging in your pockets as you sit at your desk. You can also keep tissues and any medication that you have to take during the day in this location.

The office supply drawer will keep clutter from your desktop and give you an area where you can store items that you use every day. If you need rubber bands, paper clips, or electronic devices to assist you with your job, you may want to place them in small trays that will keep them separated when they’re deposited into the drawer.

Labels Are Vital

In order to keep your files organised, you’ll need labels to affix to the file folders. You may like the coloured tabs that use white inserts so that your labelling will show up more effectively. If they are close at hand, keeping track of your work and keeping it separated in workable segments is possible.

You need a file drawer so that you can quickly clean off your desk at the end of the day and store the documents for safekeeping. Click here for a plethora of colours and styles of file folders that will make your work easier to control. These files can even be included in hanging file folders in larger subgroups for better access if you prefer.

Making your desk drawers work for you will help you to be more organised and have the ability to find your materials and tools quickly whenever you need them.


Image attributed to: Stuart Miles


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