Must Have Apps for 2020 (if you don’t have them already!)

Apps have become an everyday use for majority of people now seeing as though it is rare if you don’t have a smartphone and therefore the market is flooded with thousands of amazing apps for you to spend time pondering on. Today we discuss some of the best apps that every person should be using.


Instagram has quite easily become of the social media giants in recent years, with many of it’s consumers struggling to go even a day without checking their feed. In fact, it is that popular that its reported that there are over 1 billion active users on Instagram – an astounding number! This is due to it’s simplicity, friendly nature and addictiveness; we mainly put this down to the fact that everyone wants to impress for the Gram!

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The next app that we would say it’s a must have for all smartphone users would be that of Houseparty. A live video-calling app in which you can talk to 8 people at a time has been very popular of late, mainly down to the fact that many have been able to connect through it during the global pandemic caused by Covid-19 where many have been restricted to see their loved ones. Houseparty has enabled us to be able to still stay connected with each other at the touch of the button, a great little app, go jump in your friends’ houses now!


Houseparty isn’t the only service that has been able to benefit from the global pandemic, other online services have bene able to capitalise on areas in which consumers have struggled. Entertainment has been at a premium during lockdown due to many being unable to access their usual hobbies due to social distancing rules preventing them. There, online services such as these non-uk casinos, have been able to give people entertainment from the comfort of their own home.


The final app in which we would recommend would be Uber – now although this isn’t an everyday app, its an app that is so easy and convenient to use we had to include it in our list. Uber is the online taxi app in which you can call for a Uber and it will be with you within 5 minutes or so; very impressive. In fact all of their Uber’s are tracked through GPS so you can see when your Uber is arriving, what car it is, and even your drivers name. You can either rate each other as a driver and passenger to see how you’d get on with fellow Uber’s. A very impressive app if you want to get anywhere in a rush.


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