Safety In Modern Mobile Applications

We’re moving through a time where data protection and customer privacy is at the forefront of a lot of what is being done, whilst at the same time having a growing number of background processes that often undermine this – the most recent news has been found within popular social media application TikTok, and the concerns around user data privacy that has come with this. So how can you be sure you’re staying as safe as possible online, and what can be used to your advantage?


            Permissions are important – You’ve likely seen the popups when you install an app asking whether or not to grant the app permission to different parts of your device, and oftentimes we click yes without really giving it a consideration – but this may be part of the problem. Fortunately there are plenty of ways to grant temporary access when required or to just decline permission requests as a whole, if you’re concerned about protecting your online data make sure to keep an eye on which apps are using which permissions and change where needed.


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VPNs and Proxies – A big name in data protection recently has been within VPN’s as they’re often seen in adverts on streamed content as a way to stay anonymous and protected online, and whilst proxy options are a bit dated now but there are those who still use them. It has come out recently that not all of these are the best to use especially those within the five, nine or fourteen eyes alliance but do provide an option for many looking to surf anonymously and safely.


Alternative Services – Another change being seen recently has been the shift towards using alternative services wherever possible to avoid strict regulation or monitoring, most recently the mobile gaming industry is one that has been impacted by this as changes to initiatives such as Gamstop which had been aimed at reducing participation options for problem players had some wider reaching effects, many operators of these online casinos and betting sites however have now chosen to register their sites in countries such as Malta and Gibraltar which are much more consumer focused and don’t fall under the same regulation changes, Maximum Casinos review them to offer the best alternative sites for users to play on – there are similar shifts for video sharing and live streaming platforms too, but typically don’t fall under the same restrictions.


Many eyes will be firmly planted on the ongoing issues around TikTok and whether or not it will spur changes in social media applications which have further reaching impacts on others – for many it is causing a movement toward much more secure applications and more transparency too but others have suggested that most popular apps capture a similar amount of data which had been labelled as a ‘problem’ for TikTok, it’s an interesting time in data protection and consumer protection for this, and there’s a very real possibility that we’re about to be a big shift and many changes coming to our favourite and daily used programs.

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