Small Retailers – What Does the Magento eCommerce Solution Offer You?

Magento_eCommerce_SolutionAs a small business, you need a solid retail platform to make the most out of your relatively sparse customer base. You have to rely on a large proportion of loyal customers to cover your expenses and make a profit. Part of accomplishing this requires a strong platform that’s easy to use.

We explore some of the main reasons why business owners might want to consider turning to Magento in their search for a platform that’s regularly updated and fulfils the needs of their target audiences.

Edition-Based Business

What many competitors don’t provide is a different type of offering based on the size of your business. For some companies, it’s meant they have to purposely avoid perfectly able eCommerce solutions because they’re worried about the potential transition to another platform as the business grows.

Magento currently offers Magento Go for small merchants and Magento Enterprise for medium to large businesses. Larger corporations are unlikely to be using such a popular platform to facilitate their digital presence, but it’s shown it can handle large numbers of customers/products/traffic.

Community Style

Tom Robert Shaw compiled a report on eCommerce websites for Alexa in February 2012. He demonstrated the Magento eCommerce solution was the most popular platform in the world today; beating the likes of Shopify and Opencart.

The larger community enables relatively inexperienced business owners to get to grips with online trade. There’s plenty of support for Magento extensions and custom themes. This is one of the reasons why WordPress is such a popular platform in its industry. There’s a lot of support for people who don’t necessarily know a lot about setting up a retail platform.

Free and Open Source

You aren’t confined by any artificial boundaries. Magento is completely open source. In short, anyone in the world can take the existing code and manipulate it according to their needs.

Such laxity when it comes to control over the central programming code has enabled a large creative community to grow out of it. This is a positive development for business owners since they can alter their websites in whatever way they like.

Business owners have a choice. They can put their own skills into practice and create their own custom themes and buying processes. Alternatively, they can download a range of pre-built themes and extensions.

Whilst the Magento eCommerce platform itself doesn’t cost any money, the extensions sometimes carry a fee. Each individual addition has its own fee, or lack of a fee. It offers an unrivalled amount of choice for users.

Google Friendly

SEO and being able to track the traffic coming into your website is an important part of your business strategy. Magento is firmly connected to everything that comes from Google. It’s built-in SEO capabilities. Regardless of your knowledge of SEO, it comes with a dashboard that allows you to simply enter your keywords and Meta descriptions.

It also takes advantage of Google AdWords and Google Analytics. If you have an account with either of these initiatives, enter the required information and your statistics will be tracked without the need for any expensive software.

What Does a Business Owner Want?

For the business owner, Magento offers them an easy way of building their eCommerce platform and moulding it into their own image. It doesn’t require any specialist knowledge to use, so hiring a professional developer isn’t a prerequisite of getting online.

The platform also goes as far as offering a comprehensive dashboard for adding and editing existing pages. With a wide variety of payment options available, and the integration of social shopping through the ‘Wishlist’ feature, organisations using this eCommerce solution will have few problems keeping up with the changing world of online shopping.

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