The Importance Of Protecting Your Devices From EMP

The earth is filled with various electrical fields. Lightning is one of the most commonly known sources of electricity in the natural world. It occurs during storms that are often referred to as “thunderstorms”. During these storms, a streak of lightning will strike staring in the sky and moving at the speed of light towards the ground. Once it hits the ground, it produces what is known as an EMP which is an acronym for electromagnetic pulse. This is an electrical force the pulses out from the strike and disrupts any other electrical fields in its path. At some point in your life, someone has probably told you not to leave your TV on during a storm because it would draw lightning. What happens is the EMP travels away from the lightning strike point, the radius will depend on the strike itself. As the EMP moves, it interferes with electricity. This includes electrical outlets such as the one your television is plugged into. Anyone who has ever had traditional cable television knows that the TV must be near a border wall for the cable to come in and hook to it. This is the only for the cable to reach as it has to be fed through the wall and into the home. Which in turn means that there must be an electrical outlet near the border wall, perhaps even on it. This makes it a prime target for an EMP. When the pulse hits the outlet, it can do anything from short out the television to burn up the outlet. It can even produce sparks and other electrical anomalies. Of course, it is also possible for lightning to directly strike an area of your home or the lines connected to your home, but it is far more likely to experience problems from the associated EMP.

It is important to note that lightning is not the only source of EMP. There are an astounding amount of natural ways for an EMP to be produced, not to mention the potential for man-made EMP production. The possibility of electronic disruption from an EMP is greater than what most people believe. When an EMP does occur, it can cause total failure of any electronic device, this includes ones that are plugged into an outlet as well as wireless devices. Anything that works off of electricity has the potential to be affected. Even a small EMP can affect a fairly large range. Given that information, consider what a large pulse could do. Natural EMPs have the potential to be quite large and man-made ones have an almost unlimited potential. A man-made EMP strike could mean no electricity or electronic devices being able to function in a large city, possibly even several cities.

Consider a situation where an EMP has occurred, man-made or natural. How would you communicate with people that you need to check on? How would you get the news? What link would you have to communications beyond yelling distance? How would have any light bigger than a candle? Most people do not have any answers to these questions, but there are some that are preparing for this exact situation. Regardless of how or why a major EMP strike can be devastating. It is vital to be prepared for a possible EMP situation before it happens. If an EMP never reaches your home or your town, good, but it is always best to be prepared. An EMP will not care whether you live in a mansion or a trailer. It will not matter whether you are married or single, male or female. Your ethnicity is irrelevant as is your religion. It also does not matter whether you live in a bustling city or a rural country town. It is inconsequential whether you live in the mountains, at the beach, in the desert, or in a snowy environment. All of this to say an EMP can occur at any time and in any place. It can affect any living person. There is no way to guarantee that you will not encounter an EMP at some point in your life. Because of this, you must find ways to prepare which includes several steps. The first is to protect your devices from EMP. The second is to determine, what is the best solar generator for power outages?

To begin preparing, you will need to find a way to protect your devices from potential EMP and the best way to do this is with a Faraday cage. This is a container that is designed to block out all electronic signals. This means that any device inside of the container cannot send any type of signal and no outside signals can reach the device inside. This is incredibly useful in many situations including protecting devices from EMP. One of the best tips that you can receive regarding protecting devices from EMP is this, purchase extra devices to store for the long term. When preparing for a potential EMP strike, you will need to have your devices protected long term which means you will not be able to use your everyday devices. You do not have to spend a great deal of money on extra devices. A cheap version will work just as well as their expensive counterparts. All you need from them is their ability to turn on and function as they are intended to do. There are several devices that are ideal to store for post EMP. This includes communication devices. When choosing communication devices, stick to analog options such as a CB radio or walkie-talkies. You will also need a source of news. A good choice for this is a transistor radio.

When preparing for an EMP, you will also need to prepare for the possibility of a power outage. For this aspect, you will need to find a solar generator. This will provide you with a way to have lights, cooking appliances, and other electrically powered devices without having to store cans of fuel. You will never have to worry about running out of fuel so long as you have access to sunlight with a solar generator. This makes it ideal for the aftermath of an EMP strike of any type.

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