The Importance of Rewarding Your Facebook Fans in Promoting Your Business

Facebook fans don’t come without doing some work and hard work. You have to make that impression and create the image that compels the users to become your Facebook fans. Creating a Facebook page is just the beginning of your effective online marketing techniques but the real work starts once you have completed the page. A page without fans and followers is like an advertisement without any viewers. There are many ways that companies use to get the attention of Facebook users and convert them into fans and followers. One of those ways is rewarding the users with something that makes them happy.

Rewards can be given to the Facebook followers in many ways depending on the type of business. Companies selling software, applications, cloud storage, etc. have been making use of this strategy quite well and you can too. Of course, there are people who like a particular brand and they start following the brand’s page because they always want to stay up-to-date with the latest information and news about the brand, but that’s the case with hardcore fans. Not all the people who like your brand are hardcore fans and they don’t always readily follow you.

Even the users who have been your customers might not follow you or become a fan of your page unless they see a reward. For instance, cloud storage companies offer free cloud storage to their Facebook fans and users. You might be able to get 5GB of space for free on their cloud server but the users who like them on Facebook or follow them on a social network might get an additional 2GB into the already 5GB of space making it a total of 7GB free cloud storage. Software developers also use Facebook to their advantage by rewarding their customers.

Software developing companies provide special coupon codes only to their followers and fans on Facebook to get a discount on the actual price of the software. You could develop a game and offer extra or bonus money to be used in the game to the Facebook users who like your page. As per an internet marketing expert from, “You must remember that the users on a social networking website already have lots of relatives and friends so they won’t be interested in the news about the internal matters of your company and business. If you can offer them a good reward and convert them into potential customers, you should design a strategy right away”.

Remember, you are running a business and it’s all about give and take. Even if a customer doesn’t give you a sale you can still expect him to give good comments and reviews about your business; and there’s nothing better than a good response from a customer for a business. Just like you expect your customers to like your business and promote it by subscribing to you services and buying your products, they expect something from you too. It is highly recommended that you think of a unique and innovative way of rewarding your customers and users on Facebook.


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