The pursuit of child-friendly websites

The internet undoubtedly has many benefits for our children, as they are offered valuable information at the click of a button. It can assist our kids to improve their reading skills as well as develop their problem-solving abilities. Several studies even indicate that the use of the internet can help a child to learn while having fun, therefore taking the “hassle” out of learning. But how do our best to ensure that all web pages visited are indeed safe and suitable? Parenting blogs such as has dedicated sub forums dedicated to the best child safe websites that I recommend you check out. Further to this, here are some insights and tips on how parents can pursue the essence of child-friendly websites.

Managing with the never-ending safety concerns of the internet

Parents can assist their kids to use the internet in a safe manner by teaching, protecting and monitoring them. Although learning to make use of the internet safely is much like teaching your kid to cross the street, patient guidance from a trustworthy source such as parents and teachers can help kids to understand the importance of being safe while online.

There are many ways for parents to supervise and monitor the online habits of their children. Firstly, the act of monitoring your child’s online activities is better achieved when parents are in a position to have frank, yet calm discussions with their children about what they are subjected to. If need be, it is suggested that a computer is kept within an area that is shared by the whole family. This will enable a parent to know exactly how long their children spend online as well as which sites are frequented. Parents can bear in mind their internet browser has a history function which will enable them to see which sites has been visited by their kids.

Parents can talk to their children and together set fair and simple rules about the use of the internet. It is not unreasonable to set a limit on the amount of time spent on the internet every day. When your child sticks to the rules, be sure to offer positive feedback. Contact your kid’s school and ask if they implement an internet policy, as well as which measures they have in place to guarantee child safe websites and general internet safety for children.

Protecting our children on the internet

Most parents may not think it true, but it is possible to protect our kids while they make use of the internet. Start by explaining to your kids not all online information is always true, helpful or good for that matter. Also explain that certain sites are only appropriate for adults and therefore, not deemed to be a child safe website. Another suggestion is to ask your children to tell you when a stranger makes contact with them through the internet. Similarly, should your child have any intention to meet with an online friend for the first time, he/she should ask a trusted adult to accompany them. Explain to your child that it is important this meeting takes place during the day in an appropriate public area.

Teach your children well

Parents can help their kids to become cyber savvy and ultimately make use of the joys of the internet responsibly and safely. When guiding their kids, parents should concentrate on the positive factors linked to the internet. Take the time to show your kids fun and interesting websites that are above all, educational. Encourage your kids to make use of educational programs expressly created to cater to the needs of children of a specific age group, and teach your children why such sites are regarded to be safer than others.

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