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Business prospects in the UK are improving. There are many companies that have been waiting for recovery for a few years. When it comes to manufacturing, one of the main regions in the UK is the East Midlands where a series of spokesmen have spoken about the optimism they have for the coming year. There is a cautionary note however and success will only be achieved by businesses that understand today’s world and the dominant position that the Internet holds in it.

Cautious optimism

The booming housing market in the South East has been taken as strong evidence that growth is on the way but the Business Editor of the Leicester Mercury, Ian Griffin, is cautioning against any thoughts that there will suddenly be a boom right across the board, housing and business. He points out that exports still remain relatively low. Mainland Europe is not showing the same growth signs that are being experienced in the UK.

Even though the East Midlands has a good manufacturing base, the strengthening pound will be an issue in the coming year for businesses looking to export. That being said; business confidence should translate to growth in companies that have a strategy and good products. Part of that strategy should be to create an online presence and use it to promote your business in the local area and beyond.

Internet expertise

There are web designers in Leicester that will happily discuss your needs and implement the technological side of your plans where asked. You need to understand how the Internet works because it is central to business success. The search engines are the power behind that importance because they respond to enquiries with a list of URLs for the researcher to look at. You want to be high up on that list because there will normally be enough results on the first couple of pages to satisfy any researcher. But nobody expects you to be an expert in web design; Leicester has experts that you can hire and take advantage of their expertise.


The process of getting a client’s website to a prominent position, search engine optimisation (SEO), is not an exact science and indeed there are regular changes in how the likes of Google rate websites. It is not just the number of visitors that a website receives that decides its ranking. A visit can be seconds; websites that are attracting fewer numbers but those visitors spend time and read through the pages are the ones that can gain and maintain a good ranking.

You may be a willing amateur but SEO should really be done by, or at least under the guidance of, an experienced company that understands the Internet and adapts to search engine changes. After a few years of difficulty business now has an opportunity once again and should invest in expertise from a good service company to make sure it does not miss out. The penalties could be severe.

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