The Top Modern Inventions that Changed the World

There are thousands of inventions created each year across the country. The majority of these inventions are barely recognized, fail to work properly, or never make an impact in the world. However, there are some inventions that literally change the way people live forever. These inventions take the world by storm. You may not think about these inventions very often, or what life was like before they were created, but they still have a huge impact on your daily life. Here is a look at the top modern inventions that changed the world.


The origins of the computer date back to 1837, but it was not until the first PC (personal computer) was invented in the 1970s that it made its impact. This changed the world forever because it made it feasible for homeowners and businesses to bring PCs into their home. The introduction of the laptop in the 1980s increased this demand, as many people now own a PC or laptop.


The microwave oven was invented after World War II by Percy Spencer. The first microwave oven hit the stores in 1947. It took several decades to gain popularity, but now it would be hard to find a home that does not have one. This invention literally changed the way people cook, reducing the time needed to cook dramatically.


The Internet may have made one of the largest impacts on the world than any other invention. It virtually connected the entire world together. Through the use of the internet, people from across the globe have instant communication, and can send forms, documents, and pictures to anywhere in the world in a matter of seconds. 

Cell Phones

While the telephone had an impact on the world at the time it was introduced, it is the invention of the mobile phone that may prove to have a lasting effect. The ability to talk to anyone on the phone from any location has made a huge impact on the world. The latest invention of the smartphones has only increased the functionality of the cell phone as it links the internet to the phone. 

CNC Mills

The CNC (Computer Numerical Controls) has transformed the manufacturing industry. The computer-controlled device has allowed manufacturers to create accurate parts for the various pieces needed to make their goods. The CNC mills were originally invented to help make more accurate parts for airplanes, and have also made a huge impact on the aeronautics industry. 


The origin of e-mail dates back to the 1960s when messages could be sent to computers that were networked. The introduction of the PC and the Internet allowed for e-mail to be sent to practically any location in the world. Today, more than 144 billion emails are sent out on a daily basis.

Each of these inventions have made a huge impact on the entire world, as many of them have improved communication and/or productivity. Many of these inventions have combined features to improve their functionality. For example, e-mail was able to expand to service the entire world, due to the invention of the Internet. In addition, inventions like the smartphones and CNC mills are now using similar technology, making it easy for consumer and industry workers to learn and use both platforms.

EMF Protection Products

You may notice that all of these products are electronic. But what you may not know about all of these inventions mentioned in this article is that they all also emit radiation. Thankfully, there are products that have been invented to prevent any adverse effects from harmful radiation these electronic inventions produce. EMF radiation protection is simpler than you think and will increase your health in the long run with all of the inventions being created that cause harmful radiation.

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