What Activities are Included In the Project Discovery Phase?

Whatever software you’re about to develop, first and foremost you’ll go through the discovery stage. Its key objective is enabling you to succeed fast having little costs.

That step serves to implement ideas as intended initially or even better. Discovery operations ensure great results keeping service owners happy, as well as generating profit they’ve expected.

We’re presenting specific actions to cover for achieving what’s desired. Frankly, there could be more steps to perform, however, the ones mentioned below are the most critical and vital.

#1. Reviewing the corporation

Owning the firm, you definitely know all the deets about your company’s structuring. However, owners might not be very familiar with discovering procedure fundamentals. Thus, you better advise your discovery stage staff on the business hierarchy. The analytics you decide to recruit will require those nuances to get their job done with the maximum efficiency.

#2. Meeting parties involved

The next stage would be to speak to every concerned party personally or via diverse online services, say, Skype & Viber. Stakeholders include every CEO, all senior executives and so on. The objective is to collect critical figures on the business efficiency to decide on core metrics. The last ones will be applied to measure if the specific project managed to meet the intended goals.

#3. Examining the records

Every organization has unclassified documentation which could be given to individuals that aren’t permanent employees of that company. Analysts you engage shall examine various docs together with reports to know the soul of your company in order to figure out the nature of the company’s operations. That knowledge will become indispensable while the project designing.

#4. Exploring essential details

The overall procedure is performed for a reason, and to enjoy all benefits of a discovery phase one shall study small details that might seem to be insignificant. However, when looking more carefully, you’ll see how vital they are:

  • Learn the market environment. Each company functions in a specific segment that has to be studied deeply. Discovering analysts are to explore the market to identify what trends currently prevail. Those particulars are mandatory for your specialists to consult on implementing your product with greater efficiency.
  • Analyze competitors. Every great service has rivals. When planning to create one, you have to be prepared for serious competition. The discovery experts’ task is to learn current rivals and their services. It’ll help you see the whole picture when you realize your competitors’ pros & cons.
  • Get to know your target customers. You’re planning to build a web or mobile resource to engage with your audience. Don’t forget that your clients are the ones to generate profits for you. Of course, it largely depends upon the monetizing mechanisms, however, those are the question you have to get answers for:
  • Who’s your regular customer?
  • What does he/she need?
  • What online design would be preferable?
  • In what way will an average client apply web & mobile programs?

There are more details you can learn on your target demographics since the more you know the better solution you’ll design.

#5. Studying similar researches

You may find it pretty useful to analyze similar researches. Hence, you’ll see the results different discovering analysts deliver to various businesses. We’re sure you would prefer not to waste your resources on what’s been done already, but to invest them in your strategy improvements.

#6. Stepping into your users’ shoes

The discovery staff shall figure out what conditions it’ll take for an application you’re about to create to turn useful and helpful. What would inspire people to get online and boot a service?

It’s not only theory and pure hypothesis. In the case of e-stores, the staff will need to hit a few shops to see buyers & sellers troubles. And, if you’re designing, let’s say, a restaurant application, discovery experts could visit several restaurants to explore challenges employees as well as customers face.

#7. Enhancing strategies

Your key reason to carry out the discovering stage is to establish the steps for putting your ideas into action with maximum effectiveness. Moreover, it implies that you also think of time and costs efficiency. It means that it’s completely pointless to hire specialists unless they find solutions to save time and funds during the building process.

As we’ve mentioned those were the key mandatory steps to take. However, you could go even further to get as much data, as possible. It will help you make your platform only better.

There’s one more significant point we’d like to cover.

Artifacts the discovering stage will require

The instruments listed below are needed during the discovering, as well as while ultimate reporting.

  • MindMap. Those are interactive charts presenting various project indicators. The tool serves to create inner relations, monitor, if there occur any discrepancies or duplicated demands.
  • User Stories. Such techniques help convert work needs into functioning ones. This instrument tells why users undertake specific actions while applying an app. The objective is to identify what issues every function resolves.
  • Request & Response Model. That’s documentation to provide the key demands as to 3rd parties integrations.
  • Charts with Non-Operational Requirements. That chart helps set priorities as to business non-operational needs to see what effect they have on development costs.
  • SWOT Analyzing. Standing for Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats, it identifies strong and weak aspects of your future service.

Enjoy your service’s discovering procedures!

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