What You Need to Know About Updating Your App and Your Website

There is no better feeling than finally finishing your website or your mobile app. Although you should go out and celebrate, you shouldn’t think your job is done.

The best websites and apps are updated regularly to ensure a smooth, enjoyable customer experience. The question is, how often should each one be updated, and how should they be updated?

Here are a few things you’ll want to consider when it’s time to update your app or your website.

Update Considerations for Apps

Apps that don’t offer the smoothest user experience possible don’t stick around for long. Unfortunately, you can’t hit the nail on the head with the first version of your app. Not only are there likely things you didn’t consider, but user preferences are changing all the time.

A few app update considerations include:

  • Planning a general update at least once a month, up to once a week
  • Updating to improve the user experience
  • Collecting user feedback to determine what updates need to come next
  • Creating updates as the market changes

Releasing an app before considering updates can be a disaster as it can alienate your users as they wait for an update. Instead, make sure you’re prepared to conduct regular updates while you’re designing the app for a better user experience.

Update Considerations for Websites

There’s no question that apps should be updated regularly, but that isn’t the only thing you have to worry about. You also have to update your website regularly.

There are many reasons to update your website. You might want to give it a fresh look, update the navigation, or add some landing pages, but the most important thing to update is the content.

Google regularly crawls the internet, cataloguing websites based on their content, keywords, and links. Bots revisit websites that regularly update their content because it shows that the information on the website is fresh, new, and relevant. By updating the content on your website regularly, you can ensure your site ranks well with search engines like Google.

Making Updates Easy

Updating websites and mobile apps can be a lot of work, and it can take a lot of time. Make things easier for yourself by making those updates as easy as possible.

Start by using a website SaaS platform that enables you to conduct updates without having to worry about coding. Then, make things even easier by:

  • Using structured content so you don’t have to worry about lists, headings, or formatting.
  • Automating image sizing so you don’t have to do all the sizing yourself.
  • Building a custom control panel that enables you to get to the tools you use frequently with ease.
  • Hiring content creators to help so you aren’t left doing all the writing.

Once you get your website on the internet and your app in the app store, your job isn’t done. With these considerations, you can ensure your content is fresh so people actually want to visit your site and use your app!


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