WhatsApp Spying Will Find Out All That You Have Suspected

WhatsApp is the most popular IM app amongst teens these days. It gives them a platform to not only socialize with friends but also exchange all kinds of images, audio and video files. The best thing about this app is that it is free and also a cross-platform mobile messaging app. This makes it attract maximum number of teenagers. But that doesn’t mean it comes with warning that misuse of this app might lead to serious consequences. The best way of keeping your child safe is to use a WhatsApp spying app.

StealthGenie Is The Best, Forget The Rest:

StealthGenie is the best spy app with the maximum number of features:

1. Spy on call logs

2. Spy on text messages

3. Monitor IM conversations

4. View multimedia files

5. Track GPS location of the target phone user

6. Get instant alerts when target phone enters a restricted area

7. Get instant alerts on SIM change

8. Remotely lock the target device

9. Wipe off all the data on the target device

10. Listen to phone’s surroundings

11. View internet activity of the target phone

12. Read sent and received emails

Compatibility, No More A Concern With StealthGenie:

StealthGenie provides compatibility with almost every Android, iPhone and BlackBerry smartphone. It provides complete information about all compatible versions on Stealth Genie website. You can easily check the website and make sure if Operating System of your target smartphone is compatible with StealthGenie and then ho ahead with buying this WhatsApp spying app.

Incomparable In Terms Of Price:

StealthGenie gives you all the freedom to choose among the number of features that you desire to spy on and the time period for which you want to spy a target smartphone. Eradicating all the confusions and thus making the customers precisely clear about what exactly they are paying for makes it the best amongst the rest beyond any doubt.

Best Choice:

So what are you waiting for? When it’s obvious that StealthGenie is your best choice amongst all the WhatsApp spying apps then simply go ahead and tell your employees that you are the smart boss and you are not going to let them get away easily with anything they shouldn’t be doing within or outside your office building. You need to have a far-reaching check over them in order to avoid any loss from them and Stealth Genie guarantees you anonymity with this.

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