Why Should You Seek Medical Attention for Delayed Car Accident Injury Symptoms?

You may never know how your body is going to react after a wreck. In some cases, the impact of an accident is so serious that you start experiencing multiple symptoms in your body. But sometimes, it takes a lot of time for the symptoms to start interfering in your daily life.


In the case of a fender-bender, an accident victim may not have visible injuries. They may feel completely alright even after coming out of their vehicle. But after a few days, they may start complaining about severe pain or other problems.


It takes a lot of money to get treated at a good hospital. Also, you may have to sustain economic loss too for as many days as you stay out of work. The only way to get compensated is to bring the matter to the notice of a personal injury attorney. A qualified lawyer will stand beside you in your difficult times and help you seek higher monetary compensation from the defendant.


Delayed Injury Symptoms: An Explanation


It’s difficult to file a claim for delayed injury symptoms from the defendant. You need the services of an expert lawyer to get your personal injury claim filed. The insurance company scrutinizes each claim and may question you if you file your claim a lot of days later. You must contact your attorney to seek legal options in such a case.


Following are the types of delayed injury symptoms that take a lot of time to appear on your body. If you notice any of these symptoms days after an accident, you need medical attention and legal options.


Types of Delayed Injury Symptoms    


Whiplash: When another vehicle hits your car from behind, you may feel a sudden shock in the form of whiplash. You can start feeling tinnitus, back pain, headaches, nausea, and giddiness. Some or all of these symptoms usually start appearing in the next 72–96 hours.


Concussion: It is a type of Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) that can cause severe problems to a victim. If you suffer a sudden head blow that shakes the brain and hit your skull, a concussion can follow. A concussion occurs because the sudden impact of the wreck forces the head to move forward while the body continues to restrain backward. It includes plenty of symptoms, including mood swings, irritations, and sensitivity to light.


Psychological Trauma: An accident can change the life of a victim. Some victims tend to suffer so deeply from an accident that they develop PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder). Unfortunately, it is a long-lasting mental condition and requires constant medical care and attention. Some of the tell-tale sign of PTSD includes anxiety, stress, a feeling of despair, trauma, and hopelessness.


Soft Tissue Damage: If you suffer soft tissue damage that includes muscles, neck, ligaments, or tendons, symptoms can appear after 5-6 days. Discoloration, inflammation, and redness are some crucial indications of possible soft tissue damage. Get in touch with your personal injury attorney for legal help and assistance!


If you wish to seek legal assistance for cases related to delayed injury then hiring a reliable and reputed personal injury lawyer is recommended.




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