Wonderful Modern Car Technology You Want To Know About

Modern car buyers now spend much more time looking at the technology that is added to a vehicle than at the actual engine. Powertrain is important but the way in which the passengers feel as they are inside the vehicle is much more important. Automotive technology is making everything easier, from Jeep repair to social media connectivity while on the road. We will mention just some of the car technologies that you may want to seriously consider having in your new vehicle.

Connected Mobile Applications

The smartphone did change everything. This does include the way in which we interact with cars. Carmakers now offer many different smartphone apps. Obviously, some are a lot better than others and features do vary a lot from one app to the next. However, what you may want to look for is a smartphone app that allows you remote door unlock, remote car start and being able to check various things like tire pressure or fuel levels. Just be sure that you are aware of the potential yearly or monthly subscription fee that may appear.

Teen Driver Technology

For many parents it is a huge stress to give car keys to teenagers but this rather unknown car technology might make everything better. There are many cars now that include teen driver limitations. You are practically let known when cars go over a specific speed, stereo can be disabled when seatbelts are not used and the stereo would be stopped to go up past a specific level.

Teen driver technology features can be simple or complex. The complex ones are those that are preferred by many. For instance, the Teen Driver feature by Chevrolet issues a Report Card. In it the parent can see if the vehicle’s safety system alerts were triggered.

Adaptive Cruise Control

This is perfect for those that commute on a regular basis. Adaptive cruise control will remove much of the stress associated with commuting. Various different sensors are used in order to match vehicle speed with the vehicle that is in front. Hitting the gas constantly is no longer needed. Even constant highway traffic braking is reduced.

If you are looking for something even more complex, look for the feature that brings the car to a halt and then automatically resumes since it is perfect for situations when you often need to stop and go again. Just make sure you try the feature first since for some drivers this is frustrating due to car control lack.

USB Ports

When there are many people in the car it is possible that many devices are available. Keeping batteries topped up is a priority. This is where USB ports step in. Some time ago the car that had one USB port was a huge technology advancement. Nowadays, there are many that are included. For instance, the Chrysler Pacifica actually has 9 USB ports available.

Just think about how many USB ports you will need and see where they are located. Family friendly vehicles do have some in the back but most cars have them all in front.

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